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A Riverfront Reverie: Kelli and Bayard’s Wedding at La Crosse’s Charmant

Kelli and Bayard’s wedding was on a  beautiful day in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. On this particularly radiant afternoon, Kelli and Bayard pledged their love to each other near the picturesque Charmant, a hotel nestled comfortably by the riverfront.


LaCrosse is a city that unfurls along the banks of the Mississippi River and has a storied history in Wisconsin. While its natural beauty and impressive bluffs command attention, the town is equally steeped in a rich narrative that originates with its Native American roots. The river, that eternal ebb and flow of water, has witnessed the city’s transformation from an indigenous trading post to a buzzing, modern metropolis. Yet, despite its growth, LaCrosse has retained its small-town charm, a feature loved by its inhabitants and visitors alike.


The Charmant, once a thriving candy factory in the early 20th century, symbolizes LaCrosse’s remarkable capacity to blend the old with the new. With its nostalgic brick walls and contemporary elegance, this unique venue echoes the harmonious union of Kelli and Bayard, two souls merging their pasts for a shared future.


There’s a truth universally acknowledged by those who live in the Midwest: when the weather is good, no one appreciates it quite like they do. The sunshine, the gentle river breeze, the clear azure sky – sheer perfection. If you are from this part of the world, they are a cause for celebration, a chance to enjoy the great outdoors and bask in Mother Nature’s glory.


As they exchanged vows under the boundless sky at The Waterfront La Crosse, the radiant smiles on their faces echoed the brightness of the day. There was a unanimous agreement among the guests – it was more than just an outdoor wedding. It was a celebration of love!


One of the most adorable moments of the ceremony was the inclusion of Kelli and Bayard’s lovable Golden Retriever, Cubbie. His boundless joy and enthusiasm added a unique touch of warmth and charm, symbolizing Kelli and Bayard’s shared love for their four-legged family member and infusing the ceremony with an extra dash of love and delight.


Kelli and Bayard, while individually unique, harmonize beautifully as a couple. Their shared attributes of empathy and altruism set the stage for a relationship destined to weather all storms. Still, their contrasting personalities are what truly create an intriguing synergy.


Kelli’s sparkling intelligence and unstoppable work ethic bring an undeniably vibrant energy to the partnership. She is the kind of woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, her emotions as transparent as crystal, yet she has the strength of a diamond. Her empathy isn’t just an inherent trait; it’s a force radiating outward and touching everyone in her vicinity. She is a beacon, drawing in those who need kindness and understanding, while her unwavering dedication ensures she never lets down those who rely on her.


On the other hand, Bayard is a man of profound depth and thoughtfulness. He is an infinitely inquisitive man, always hungry for knowledge and understanding. He thrives on unlocking the mysteries of the world, whether they be the complexities of an unsolved problem or the inner workings of a gadget. Yet, despite his curiosity and passion for knowledge, Bayard’s willingness to drop everything for the people he loves genuinely defines him.


At the reception, Bayard’s brother spoke of his unequivocal dedication to the people he loves. Bayard’s brother reflected on countless instances when Bayard had shown up, stood up, and bolstered those in his life with his unwavering support. He painted a vivid picture of a man who ensures you’re never alone once he has your back. 


These two individuals, with their distinct characteristics, weave a dynamic and complementary relationship tapestry. When you see them together, their connection is palpable. You can almost see the invisible threads of love and mutual respect that tie them together. Each one is challenging, supporting, and learning from the other in a continuous dance of growth. They are two individuals who have found both love and a partnership that enables them to become the best versions of themselves.


After the ceremony, the celebration transitioned into the impressive Cargill Room for the reception. Known for its atmosphere that mingles modern elegance with historic grandeur, the Gargill Room provided an impeccable backdrop for the couple’s first evening fun of their married life. It was the perfect setting, combining to offer a memorable canvas for Kelli, Bayard, and all their guests to celebrate this joyful union.


As the night fell, the reception came alive to the tune of the excellent Patrick Lenz Entertainment. With his unmistakable flair and ability to read the crowd, they kept the dance floor buzzing, turning the Gargill Room into a swirling, swaying sea of happy faces.

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