Wedding Videographer

(or as we like to call them, Films.)

At Boxcar Photography, we specialize in wedding videography that captures the untraditional, eclectic, and authentic moments of your special day. Our team of hybrid shooters excels in documenting weddings and elopements that beat their own path, focusing on genuine emotions and natural interactions. With our blend of elegant, timeless, and documentary styles, we transform your vision into a breathtaking visual story. Our dedicated approach and commitment to storytelling ensure that every moment is captured beautifully, making us the perfect choice for couples seeking high-quality wedding videography.

Who We Are

Hey guys, we are a collective that focuses on untraditional weddings and elopements that beat their own path. We believe in capturing the beauty of natural moments and authenticity is at the forefront of how we do our thing. Let’s make something uniquely you.

Visit our About Us Page for more information on us and your experience.

The Importance of Wedding Videography

We all know the saying: “The cake will be eaten, the dress will end up in the closet, the only thing left is your undying love and how that was captured.” Marriage is this amazingly beautiful turning point in your life that deserves stunning videography. That is an event I would be honored to document.

Why Moments Matter

Everything you pick out has a meaning and a reason. You look through wedding dresses, pick out your flowers, and invite the guests because they all have meaning to you. I am not about the rigid, stiff, or Pinterest fake. The photos I believe you will want are the moments you cannot anticipate. The moments that make you feel. The moments that make you, you.

If this resonates with you, please reach out.

Elegant, Timeless, Documentation

Elegant: Within the documentation of your day, we mix in some posed pictures and fine art pictures. Different from a documentary style of videography, we will potentially adjust certain things in your pictures to make them pop. We do this at our discretion for photos that could benefit from slight manipulations.

Timeless: We focus on moments. Moments will outlast the styles and trends that will fade away. In our edits, we focus on natural color. We believe a solid color or black and white photo will always stand the test of time.

Documentation: We photograph moments as they happen. This is first and foremost the primary way we shoot. This is done by giving as little direction as possible and letting your day unfold as it is. We believe that you will be more attached to photos that are natural and true to the moment. Focusing too heavily on Pinterest ideas can often hinder the uniqueness your day has to offer. Let’s focus on capturing raw moments from your day that don’t need to be scripted. Authentic. Original. Each and every photo has a story behind it, like when your dad gave a heartfelt speech about your partner or when you stopped at a smoothie bar because you were famished, and Lisa, an elderly woman who has worked there for years, said the kindest words to you. These are the storytellers.

Who Are We

We are a collective that has come together to better serve our community. They say, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Our love for the industry has led us to shoot together as a collective. We are chasers of our next adventure, whether that be on a windy mountaintop or in a deep valley for intimate, quiet moments. We are obsessed with capturing images that truly resonate with our couples.

We collectively all shoot both photo and video.

Where We Are and What We Do

  • Benjamin is a nomad, currently splitting time between Denver, CO, and La Crosse, WI.
  • Nicholas lives in Nashville, TN.
  • Kuba and Alyson live in Minneapolis.

We are all hybrid shooters, meaning we understand the ins and outs of shooting both photo and video. We focus on curating a documentation of your wedding day, from elopements to bar mitzvahs and everything in between.

Our Goal

It really is simple. We want to capture moments of “wow.” The moments that connect you on a deeper level. Something that you can hang on your wall as a reminder every day to say, “Damn, I love my partner.” We are all in, and in that, we look for all-in couples.


Testimonial 1

“What set Boxcar Photography apart was his professionalism, storytelling portraits, and high-quality, efficient work. We were impressed from start to finish and were extremely impressed by his creativity in the photos! Benjamin was able to transform our vision of the day into photos that tell the perfect story. I would trust Benjamin to capture any once-in-a-lifetime event. Benjamin even helped us plan the flow and schedule of the day. He was so easygoing and very easy to communicate and connect with. He relieved our stress and, in the end, took breathtaking photos. All the pictures tell a story, a story that we will now cherish for a lifetime. Worth the investment!”

Testimonial 2

“Where do I even begin! Ben is the best!! Not only does he take absolutely breathtaking pictures, but his professionalism is second to none! From the very beginning, Ben was on the ball and organized, starting off with an introductory phone call and talking a bit about himself and his photography style and then diving into details on how me and my (now husband) met, etc. I’m definitely a type A personality and come with a lot of questions and even more questions… Ben would answer every single one of them without a hitch. Even when he was halfway around the world, he would be sure to answer our emails within a few hours. On the day of, he was cool, calm, and collected in the 100-degree heat and kept the pictures flowing. I have no doubt we were blessed with an amazing photographer who captured every moment we could have hoped for on camera and more. Ben, thank you for giving us beautiful photos that we will treasure for a lifetime and thank you for being you!!”

Testimonial 3

“From the moment we first had contact with Ben, we knew he would be the perfect photographer for our big day. Ben took a mini session for us in the winter, engagement photos in the summer, and all our wedding photos. There were so many incredible and special moments that he managed to capture so perfectly. Countless guests commented on how amazing he was. His passion and enthusiasm to capture every moment absolutely blew us away with his talent. We couldn’t have wished for anything more and we would recommend Ben over and over again!”

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