Your Story, Our Lens: Personalized Photography with Boxcar Photography

Celebrate your unique journey with personalized photography by Boxcar Photography. Whether you’re documenting a milestone birthday, a family reunion, or a cherished pet, our personalized photography services capture the essence of your personal story with creativity and professionalism.


  • Tailored Approach: Customized sessions that reflect your personality, interests, and milestones.
  • Memorable Keepsakes: Capture special moments and create lasting memories for yourself and loved ones.
  • Flexibility: Choose locations, themes, and styles that resonate with your personal story and preferences.


  • Planning: Coordinate schedules, locations, and details to ensure a seamless and enjoyable photography experience.
  • Time Commitment: Allow time for preparation, setup, and coordination to capture the desired moments effectively.

Personalized Photography Ideas:

  • Family Reunions: Gather generations for group photos, candid moments, and family portraits.
  • Birthday Celebrations: Document milestone birthdays with themed shoots, cake cutting, and festive decorations.
  • Pet Photography: Capture the personality and antics of beloved pets with portraits, action shots, and playful moments.
A man experiencing an ending connection while sitting in a chair in front of a window.

An ending connection

An ending connection A mixture of thoughts, quotes from a book I recently read, and self-reflection. Lately, I find myself stopping, watching out the window like I’ve seen my grandfather do over the years. I can remember time after time sitting in silence with him while he gazed out, lost in the Coulee region nature.

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A woman wearing a hat with a fox motif.

A gain filled loss

A gain filled loss Wow. What a year to reflect on. From shooting photos far North Canada all the way down to Haiti and in between. From Toronto over to San Francisco. What do I say? What do you do? This is a gift. A true gift that keeps giving. I thank God for every

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Best wedding photography capturing a romantic bride and groom kissing under a veil in a dreamy field.

Beauty in the Imperfections

Beauty in the Imperfections: Wedding Photography What does it mean to find “Beauty in the Imperfections” in wedding photography? Many people have said that this wedding photo is “absolutely perfect,” and some have even called it the best wedding image they’ve seen me take. So, what makes this photo so special? Personally, I believe it’s

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A person sitting on top of a mountain yearningly overlooking the mountains.

2016. A year to be

2016.  A year to be. Every year I tend to look back and forward.  Or really…forward then back.  Its a two way street with many lanes of thought that go through it.  I go into every year not knowing what is to come.  I am thankful for where I have been but a bit insecure

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A picturesque view of Mt Hood along a scenic hiking trail.

Mt Hood

Capturing Romance at Lost Lake: A Photographer’s Guide to Engagement Sessions with a View of Mt. Hood Discovering Lost Lake Nestled in the heart of the Mount Hood National Forest, Lost Lake offers a stunning and serene setting for engagement photos. With its crystal-clear waters and panoramic views of Mt. Hood, this picturesque location provides

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A breathtaking view of the Remarkables in New Zealand overlooking a serene lake.

Remarkables New Zealand

 Remarkables New Zealand The Remarkables New Zealand were some of the most beautiful photos I have ever seen.  I have learned over my many years that having a home base is a necessity.  There always needs to be a place where everyone calls home.  However I am a avid traveler and pro travel as often

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A picturesque red cloud captured in Queenstown, NZ travel photos.

Queenstown NZ Travel Photos

Queenstown NZ Travel Photos Ever wake up in paradise? For me, paradise isn’t about beaches—it’s about trails that lead into the mountains, where I can lose myself and find myself at the same time. While taking these Queenstown NZ travel photos, I discovered a whole new world with a family I met through Airbnb. Their

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A must-visit landmark in Sydney, Australia for an unforgettable Austrailia trip.

Sydney, Austrailia Trip

 Sydney, Austrailia Trip I had an absolutely amazing time on my Sydney, Australia Trip.  Honestly I have been considering the move ever since.  With a very busy business scene and calm quaint little shops close by Sydney has the perfect mix of big city with little hot spots that you can escape to.  I enjoyed

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