A man riding a skateboard under a riverside sunset.

Riverside Sunset La Crosse

Capturing Riverside Sunsets in La Crosse

Experiencing another breathtaking riverside sunset in La Crosse always brings a sense of tranquility and inspiration. A couple of months ago, I found myself at Riverside Park with my trusty Canon 7D and Tamron 15-55mm lens, ready to capture the magic.

The Art Over the Gear

It’s amusing how much emphasis people place on photography gear rather than the artistry and creativity behind the craft. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve been there, too, obsessing over equipment. But over time, I’ve realized that the knowledge and skills shared within the photography community are far more valuable than any piece of gear. It’s the eye behind the lens that truly matters.

A Serendipitous Encounter

As I wandered through Riverside Park, I snapped photos of the high water, trees, and other intriguing scenes. To my delight, I ran into my friend Alex. She’s quite petite, so I coaxed her into fitting under the waterfall in the Friendship Gardens for a unique shot. It was a fun challenge, and she managed to squeeze in and out without getting wet. The spontaneity of moments like these adds an extra layer of enjoyment to photography.

The Beauty of Riverside Park

The colors in the sky that evening were absolutely stunning. We were treated to vibrant sunsets and striking silhouettes that painted the landscape. You can see the gradual change in the sky’s hues in my photos, from the beginning of my walk around the park to the end. Each shot tells a different story, showcasing the park’s beauty as the light transformed.

Unexpected Moments

While photographing the park, I even made a new friend—a curious squirrel that let me get incredibly close. With my 15-55mm lens, I was only about three feet away from him. He just looked back at me, munching on a snack, completely unbothered by my presence. These unexpected interactions are a delightful part of the photographic journey.

Tips for Riverside Photography

  1. Timing is Key: Arrive early to capture the changing light and colors of the sunset.
  2. Explore Different Angles: Don’t stick to one spot. Move around to find unique perspectives and compositions.
  3. Engage with the Environment: Interact with people and nature around you. Spontaneous moments often lead to the best shots.
  4. Use the Natural Light: Utilize the golden hour and twilight for soft, flattering light.
  5. Be Patient: Sometimes the best shots come from waiting for the perfect moment.

Final Thoughts

Riverside Park in La Crosse offers endless opportunities for stunning photography. Whether you’re capturing the vibrant skies, the serene waters, or the unexpected wildlife, each visit brings something new and beautiful.

For more of my work and to see how I can help you capture your special moments, visit Boxcar Photography.

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