A couple striking poses during a physique model shoot in a gym.

Physique Model Shoot

bench Physique Model Shoot

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physique model shoot at Iron Physique

This was an amazing experience and I am so thankful that the couple trusted me with their photos.  This was my first physique model shoot (besides a fitness shoot that AD hired me for previously). The couple wanted to show off their physiques after they participated in a show recently.  It was fun, and interesting to work with the couple as I know a little about physique, but have not experienced much about it.  I learned so much about how much dedication they have had to making this year a memorable one.  This is truly not just a sport but a lifestyle.  If you want to be on stage like they were you have to be ready to completely immerse yourself into the lifestyle.  It was fun to use the gyms different pieces to give a dynamic to the shots.  I really loved working with the two and hope to do so again; we got to do physique photos for both them and then also a little fun romantic couples photos mixed in as well.

They also let me know about their sponsorships and etc.  The photos will be seen on some different websites including Suppz.com.  If you would like one o the shirts or to purchase any suppliments feel free to check out their website.  The link for the shirts are below:


I am so very thankful for the gym they chose to use for allowing us to take photos there.  If you are ever in the La Crosse area there honestly is not a gym that will give you the potential for greatness.  Iron Physique hands down has the most amount of equipment I have seen in a gym.  I probably won’t be able to do justice to all the different pieces, programs and available resources that they give, but I recommend checking it out:


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