An emotional backyard wedding ceremony in La Crosse under a blue sky.

Ashley and David’s Emotional Backyard Wedding in LaCrosse

A emotional backyard wedding in La Crosse, with a silhouette of a couple holding a veil at sunset.

Ashley and David are people you just love being around from the minute you meet them; they value friends and family and wear their hearts on their sleeves. So once we got to know them, it came as no surprise that most of their outdoor backyard wedding was pulled together by family and friends who are crazy about them…and it turned out more amazing than they ever could have hoped.

DIYing a Backyard Wedding

I often hear people talk about backyard weddings as a way to save money, and as a pro photographer, I can tell you that DIY doesn’t always translate to being cheaper. But, what it allows couples to do is personalize their wedding and provide a  totally intimate setting in a place that is special to them.

Luckily for Ashley and David, they have Tracy, their neighbor, who helped pull much of this wedding together.  I think Tracy has a career as a wedding planner if she ever wants one…the attention to detail was bonkers in this wedding!

You could just tell every touch was thought out and chosen, especially for this couple. The whole day felt like a celebration of love and family and this sense of everyone coming together to share the joy of seeing Ashley and David commit to each other.

They even had a fantastic porch, bar, and pizza oven constructed! What a great idea to add something to your home that will be awesome at your outdoor wedding and that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

An emotional backyard wedding ceremony in La Crosse under a blue sky.

Chilled Out, But Emotional

I love weddings with a vibe of excitement and feels totally organic from start to finish, which is how this day felt. David and his best man, whom he met in the military, chilled out before the ceremony, smoking cigars and playing music, joking around while Ashley read an emotional letter from David as she got ready.

The first look was done on the porch, and that’s when things started to get real; you could tell some nerves were kicking in, but they were quickly forgotten when they got to spend a little time together before the wedding.

First looks are an excellent way to take it all in and spend some time together if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of being in front of people. Not all wedding couples choose to do one, but the ones who do always say it was 100% worth it.

As Ashley got ready to walk up the aisle, we realized she had forgotten her bouquet, but she laughed it off because all she cared about was getting up that aisle to marry her man!

During the ceremony, it was super emotional, with Ashley crying and David wiping her face. Adding to the emotion, Ashley managed to switch out the ring David thought he was getting and replaced it with a special one that he had no idea was coming.

A bride and groom exchanging emotional vows in a backyard wedding ceremony in La Crosse.

Sunset Wedding Photos

The sunset on their wedding day was straight-up killer light, the kind that makes photographers want to dance with joy. So, of course, we took advantage of it by taking some photos on the mighty Mississippi.

Even if you have a small or intimate wedding, taking time away from people to do these photos is really important. Not only does it mean you get pictures that are visually beautiful, but it’s also a time to connect, slow down, and get away from everyone for just a minute.

Baby, You're a Firework!

Once the reception started, it was party time! It had this feeling of the best house party you’ve ever been to…but with fireworks and the bride and groom jumping into the pool at the end of the evening. It was crazy energy!

What a fantastic wedding with a truly remarkable couple. Ashley and David, you’re some lucky people to have friends and family that love you so much. Cheers to all the happiness in the world!

An emotional bride and groom at an intimate backyard wedding in La Crosse, standing in front of a blue firework.
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