American Wedding Photos – In this category you will find photos of weddings, couples, engagements, same sex and travels around America.  I have been graced to shoot weddings in California, Colorado, Wisconsin, Florida and many more. If you are having a wedding in America, please reach out as I would love to be there to document it.

About Me

Pizza, Coffee, and travel define my life. I believe in traveling often and experiencing new cultures and ways of life. When I travel I try to find amazing hikes, so you will see a lot of those in my blog posts! I also have a constant hunger for organic/farm-to-table restaurants. I love finding the little hole-in-wall places that only the locals know about! In the summer I love playing beach volleyball.

I live in La Crosse, WI to take care of my grandparents while I still can. Right now that gives me purpose. Eventually I see myself moving to a larger city with lots of hikes and outdoor activities to do. I want to live a life with purpose, constantly engaging people, growing and pushing forward.

I believe in documenting lifestyles and people. Each person has so many different experiences that has shaped who they are as a person. It excites me to go into a wedding day without knowledge of the family and see how each family operates, relates and connects.

A couple standing under a tree at night.

The Luckiest Day, A Day of Hope.

Connor and Alyssa’s day was a testament to the cliché that good things happen to those who wait. California’s temperamental weather graciously decided to bow down to the occasion, offering up a pristine canvas of clear azure skies, painting the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.  It wasn’t just a good day; it was a perfect …

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A bride and groom kiss under a veil.

A Riverfront Reverie: Kelli and Bayard’s Wedding at La Crosse’s Charmant

Kelli and Bayard’s wedding was on a  beautiful day in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. On this particularly radiant afternoon, Kelli and Bayard pledged their love to each other near the picturesque Charmant, a hotel nestled comfortably by the riverfront.   LaCrosse is a city that unfurls along the banks of the Mississippi River and has a storied …

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A wedding ceremony with a dog in the background.

Sunshine and Mountain Views: Gabby & Dan’s Wedding Journey

As a wedding photographer, I often have the honor of witnessing love stories that seem like the stars themselves have written them. Today, I’m here to share one such beautiful tale that spans states and years and finally culminates in the magical celebration of Gabby and Dan’s love.   Gabby and Dan’s paths first crossed …

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Rainy Day Wedding, Wisconsin , wedding photographer, Ben, Strong, Box Car Photography

Waiting for the Storm to Pass

Waiting for the Storm to Pass Kaitlyn and Lucas were married on May 20th, with a ceremony and reception in the Norskedalen Heritage Center. I started out with Kaitlyn as she was getting ready in a small cabin. Because it was raining, the ceremony started about an hour late, which gave me the chance to …

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