A bride is standing on top of a mountain with her veil in the air.

Alli and Brittani: The Best Day.

In the mountains of Colorado, Alli and Brittani found the perfect spot for their big day: Granby Ranch. They wanted their friends and family there to share in their love against the backdrop of blue skies and panoramic views. There was no shortage of laughs, happy tears, and a whole lot of love on display.

Alli is a force to be reckoned with. Independent and strong-willed, she carries herself with captivating, quiet confidence. Yet, what sets her apart is her thoughtful nature. She’s the kind of person who notices the small details and takes time out for everyone, making those around her feel seen and appreciated.  She’s a serious goofball if that makes sense!


Then there’s Brittani. She’s the epitome of fun and a wellspring of positivity. You won’t find her without a smile on her face or a pep in her step. She’s everyone’s “rock,” the one who anchors the group in good times and bad. Nothing seems to phase her – she just keeps on keeping on with an infectious joy that lifts the spirits of everyone around her.


As a couple, Alli and Brittani are just unbeatable. They stand by each other’s side, no matter what. They have this unique way of complementing each other, balancing out strengths and weaknesses. Alli’s thoughtful, independent streak pairs perfectly with Brittani’s unstoppable positivity, creating a harmonious dynamic that’s all their own. Together, they are simply magic.

Alli and Brittani share a deep, heartfelt love for the great outdoors – the kind of love that involves lacing up hiking boots and trekking across trails with their trusty canine companions trotting alongside. They find peace and joy in nature, whether they’re scaling a steep ridge or simply sitting by a fire under the stars. Their love for their dogs, who were also present on their special day, is a testament to their huge hearts for animals.


Granby Ranch is truly a gem hidden in the heart of Colorado. Tucked away in the mountains, it’s the kind of place that feels like it stepped straight out of a postcard, boasting views that you have to see to believe. You’ve got miles and miles of rolling hills dotted with wildflowers, lush green forests, and panoramic vistas of towering peaks. The sky out here has a certain kind of blueness to it that you won’t find just anywhere – it’s vast and overwhelming in the best possible way.


When Alli and Brittani started scouting locations for their wedding, they were instantly drawn to Granby Ranch. The expansive landscapes, the majestic mountains, and the tranquil ambiance – it all clicked. It was more than just the natural beauty of the place; it was the feeling of being at one with nature, of sharing a moment in a space that felt untouched and wild. It perfectly mirrored their adventurous spirits and their shared love for the outdoors.


Their wedding at Granby Ranch wasn’t just a ceremony in a stunning location. It was a celebration of their shared passions, a nod to their love for adventure and their commitment to journeying together, no matter where the path may lead. With their family and friends gathered under the vast Colorado sky, they created a memory that was as breathtaking as the landscape surrounding them.



The day of the wedding was a classic Colorado weather rollercoaster. We had everything from blue skies and puffy white clouds to a sudden rainstorm. Then, in true Colorado fashion, a rainbow emerged, followed by an overcast that painted the sky in a palette of greys. But let me tell you, not even the most fickle weather could dampen Alli and Brittani’s spirits.


Their go-with-the-flow attitude saved the day and made it even more memorable. So, yes, the weather decided to play “chicken” that day. But, it underestimated two fun-loving brides who wouldn’t let anything – not even a sudden downpour – spoil their special day. It was an honor to be there to capture their resilience and unwavering joy. 


There’s something so genuine and beautiful about Alli and Brittani’s bond, not just with each other but with their beloved pets and the world around them. We loved capturing them being “them” together. We think the photos encapsulate their essence – passionate, adventurous, and full of love for each other and the world around them.

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