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Roger and Alyssa’s Stunning Charmant Rooftop Wedding

Nestled in the heart of La Crosse, Wisconsin, lies a gem of a location, The Charmant Hotel. A historic candy factory turned luxury boutique hotel, The Charmant boasts of a unique blend of industrial charm and modern elegance. With its preserved original details juxtaposed against contemporary designs, it truly stands as a testament to the timeless beauty of restoration.

 Besides its rich history and chic interiors, The Charmant offers an unparalleled view of the Mississippi River and surrounding bluffs. With a variety of spaces tailored for intimate gatherings and grand celebrations, it’s no surprise that couples flock here to exchange their vows.

On a beautiful but windy day, the couple chose to seal their love atop the hotel’s picturesque rooftop. The panoramic vistas that surrounded them as they said, “I do,” were taken in by their most loved friends and family in an intimate celebration. 

When you look at Roger and Alyssa today, you see two people who seem so naturally in sync; it’s almost as if they were always meant to be. And that’s precisely the essence of their story. A 25-year-long narrative that had twists and turns, but as they fondly say, “God knew.”

Even in the hustle and bustle of life, destiny has its way of weaving stories that are meant to be. The two met in their early years, crossing paths and sharing smiles, moments, and memories. But it took a quarter of a century for both of them to truly recognize what had been right in front of them all along.

It’s a testament to the idea that love isn’t always about how fast you fall but how deep you are willing to dive once you realize it. And for Roger and Alyssa, the depth is immeasurable. Their faith has been the cornerstone, not just in recognizing the love they share but also in nurturing it. This unwavering faith forms the building block of their relationship, guiding them through challenges, celebrating their joys, and providing a constant beacon for their journey ahead.

During one of our quiet moments amidst the wedding preparations, Alyssa shared a heartwarming insight into their 25-year journey. She said, “It’s as if everything had shifted, it was like coming home.” As she described it, this awakening was her realization of her profound love for Roger.

When she realized this when they were driving around together, she turned to him and said simply, “Please just take care of me,” and Roger replied, “I’m not going anywhere.” 

During the intimate moments of their wedding ceremony, as Roger recited his vows, he uttered words that encapsulated the essence of their bond: “I promise to learn to love you more each day.”

This was not a mere declaration of affection but a solemn oath to nurture their love, to allow it to grow and evolve, and never to let it stagnate. This pledge has been the bedrock of their relationship. It is a constant reminder that love, even in its most profound form, requires attention, care, and a commitment to understanding each other anew every day.

Alyssa and Roger share a deep spiritual bond and consistently seek guidance from a higher power in their relationship. God, for them, is not just a divine entity but an active participant in their journey. By letting God lead the way, they’ve learned to be kinder, more patient, and, most importantly, to be good to each other in ways they never imagined.

When you look at their wedding photographs, look for the nuances. The soft touches, the lingering gazes, and the quiet moments where they seem to be silently communicating with each other. These are the moments where Roger’s promise to “learn to love her more each day” and their collective faith in God’s guidance come alive. In these fleeting seconds, we, as observers, get a glimpse into the inner workings of their love, a love that’s forever growing and divine.

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