A couple sits closely together on a couch, kissing under a neon sign that says "Til Death." The background is dark, and the scene is dimly lit, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Capturing the Magic of Christina and Levi’s Wedding

In the journey of a wedding photographer, few experiences resonate as deeply as the privilege of chronicling multiple celebrations for the same family. Such was the delight in capturing the enchanting wedding of Christina and Levi—a day imbued with love, laughter, and a sense of familial reunion that transcends the ordinary.


Having been entrusted with the task of documenting other weddings within this remarkable family, each occasion has woven a richer tapestry of shared memories and connections.

The sense of camaraderie and the profound bonds we’ve formed with the family members made us feel less like observers and more like participants in this joyous celebration. It’s a beautiful feeling to step into a wedding venue and be greeted by familiar faces, knowing smiles, and heartfelt hugs! 

The Church of the Crucifixion, with its rich architectural beauty and intricate stained glass narratives, offered more than just a venue—it provided a spiritual embrace that enveloped Christina, Levi, and their guests in an ambiance of reverence and awe. As the sunlight streamed through the vibrant windows, each ray painted the ceremony in kaleidoscopic hues, casting a spellbinding aura over the proceedings and symbolizing the blessings showered upon the couple.


Christina and Levi’s ceremony was steeped in tradition, with each ritual meticulously chosen for its profound significance. The exchange of vows, a cornerstone of their ceremony, was a heartfelt declaration of their commitment to each other and their little boy. 


After a brief stop on a chilly day to take some portraits outside, we arrived at their reception at 

 the LaCrescent Area Event Center. This kicked off an evening that was as stylish as it was heartwarming. With Sanchez Designs at the helm, the venue was transformed into a vibrant tableau that perfectly encapsulated the couple’s vision for their special day. The impeccable styling brought to life an ambiance of elegance and festivity that will be remembered by all!

The design theme for the evening was marked by lush jewel tones that seamlessly blended with the floral arrangements, creating a rich, luxurious atmosphere that enveloped guests in warmth and opulence. The use of deep, vibrant colors in everything from the table linens to the floral centerpieces added a layer of sophistication and depth to the event space, making each detail a feast for the eyes.

One of the standout features of the reception was the amazing”Till Death” neon sign, which not only underscored the couple’s commitment to each other but also provided a modern, edgy backdrop for unforgettable portraits. The sign’s soft glow against the backdrop of the meticulously styled venue added an element of whimsy and romance, making it a focal point for both the decor and the evening’s photography.

No detail was too small in the creation of this enchanted evening. The table settings, with their elegant glassware and bespoke place settings, reflected the thoughtfulness and care that went into planning every element of the reception. The floral arrangements, bursting with colors that complemented the overall design palette, added a sense of natural beauty and sophistication.


As guests danced, laughed, and shared in Christina and Levi’s happiness, the night became a vibrant tapestry of memories that would be cherished for a lifetime. The reception, with its impeccable styling and heartfelt moments, was a fitting continuation of the day’s celebrations—a day that was, from beginning to end, a beautiful expression of love and commitment.  We were so glad to be there to celebrate (again!) with this amazing family. 

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