A crowd of people at First Free Church watching a speaker in front of a large screen.

First Free Church – a home for many

First Free Church

For Easter 2015 I was asked by a local videographer that works for First Free Church to come and take pictures for their website.  It was an amazing opportunity to work with a local church that touches so many lives of the people that I know.  Many times I hear people who talk about their resistance to attending church and having a local church body in their lives.  And many times I hear from people how they felt at home when attending First Free.  I have been able to sit through a few of Pastor Shane’s teachings at a local bible study that I have attended in the past.  His teachings have always been so very relevant and animated.  I am glad that there are churches like these in the area.  We need contemporary churches that reach people with the saving grace of Jesus.  I was happy to sit in on their Easter service, which can always seem to be scripted and “canned” in many churches as, well…its Easter and that makes most churches talk about the same thing.  Pastor Shanes teaching was very charismatic as he continued to share the gospel.  Every chance he could get you could see his animated enthusiasm to point towards Christ and His work on the Cross.  If anyone is looking for a home church First Free Church is located in Onalaska, WI.  I would recommend checking it out for a service or two.  Please don’t just stop there though.  I believe in church participation.  Get hooked up, find a way to volunteer if you can.  I know that personally my home church is what gave me a lot of stability when I was young.  I really appreciate churches everywhere and believe that there should be many churches for many different personalities and preferences.


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