A group of people sitting in Java Vino restaurant watching a musician.

Java Vino La Crosse

One of my favorite hot spots in my home town is Java Vino La Crosse.  It offers me everything I need to get my work done.  Located in the Coulee Region it is my one stop shop.  Whether I need to meet a client, do some homework (finishing up my MBM Degree), or just have a relaxing time with some friends I can do it all here.  They have a wide selection of food, apps, and drinks.  From the Burgers to the Panini’s, and from the latte’s to the Wine list there is no better place to go in my opinion.  Even better is the relationship I have been able to have with the owners.  They are both hard working and sweet.  It has made for a very inviting atmosphere where I can trust that I will be able to get my work done.  

I have followed them from their previous location in the Village Shopping Center to their new location on Losey Boulevard.  The larger space and meeting room makes a perfect transition from business to personal time.  Anyone who follows me, knows that I call Java Vino my second home, and I could not have picked a better place to call home.

These are just a few pictures I took for a Reggae Night that they had here at Java Vino.  They invited a band called Natty Nation, who I believe was from the Madison area.  Honestly I haven’t heard a Reggae band live, but they made me want to go to more events like this.  I had such a blast trying different specialty drinks, and relaxing to the smooth jams of Natty.  JavaVino hosts events all the time that are great for dates with loved ones and friends.  As you can see, even the staff had quite some fun on the job.

For more information please feel free to check out Java Vino and Natty at the links below:



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