A Stockholm street with cars parked on it captured in photography.

Stockholm photography (Sodermalm, Gamla Stan, and Kungsholmen)

I have traveled to a few different places in my life, and each has their own separate things that make them special to me.  I think the biggest thought when traveling to Stockholm, Sweden was that life is the same everywhere.  It’s a simple truth I’ve realized years ago, but this was just a little different. You see I would move to Sweden in a heartbeat.  However while visiting I had this overwhelming sense of family and longing for my own loved ones.  I really hope you enjoy the Stockholm photography.

It may be because the part of the city I was in was saturated with young families in densely populated areas so I saw a lot of families out walking about.  Also it was over a weekend that most of these were shot, so it could have been that all the parents were taking their kids to the parks, but it really gave me this odd sense of missing my family because the values I saw walking around were so much about the relationship they had with who they were around.  Unfortunately leading a busy lifestyle I am constantly buried in a computer or a phone trying to play catch up.  The funny thing is that I saw most people were not buried in their devices, but enjoying their family time.  Granted I am 26 (soon to be 27!) and single so my life is revolved and immersed into my work.  In time my life will evolve with a family and such.  That is why I work so much right now, in order to be able to focus more on my relationship and kids.  So here I am walking around Sweden, with a beautiful canvas to paint.  I will try to cover everything that I can.  It will be quite scattered randomly.

I took a trip around Gamla Stan, Sweden, which is called Old Town.  It is filled with a more tourist-like area with many different small streets and alleys.  I stopped at Expresso House for some coffee at one point.

I took a picture of a Stockholm photographer at the Loggin Hotel, Stockholm.  As well as a few shots of Mark Pacura, a Glasgow based photographer.

A friend of mine introduced me to Thai Massages so I thought I would take a picture for her.

I really like getting moving subjects in frame and a small road interesting with the building in

This is a double exposure of Sweden based Lisa Wikstrand, followed by a few photographers including Mark Pacura, Timo Soasepp, and Susan Darling.  We had some fun talking around the city and visiting the Photo Museum.

I was thankful to be able to visit the Himlen for dinner, there are a few shots from the building.

I was able to walk around Kungsholmen, and Sodermalm.

See the Stockholm Stadshusparken building, and of course stand next to the horse.

Visit the keys on the Western Bridge (Vasterbron bridge) and finally take a picture outside of The Collector Hotel – Victory.

This last photo is one of my home, La Crosse, WI the day I got back.  It was good to be home.
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Gamla Stan appartments

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