Estate wedding: A black and white photo captures a bride in a doorway.

Estate Wedding

Estate Wedding




Emily + Greg Wiora



There’s something to be said about getting ready for your big day, or even more so – having your wedding ceremony, at a family or friends home. The sense of comfort and familiarity in the setting cultivates a certain emotional “rawness” in photographs. Regardless if there are wedding nerves or not (insider secret: there always are), the sense of safety in the surroundings makes it easier to document moments as if we’re mere flies on the wall.


Emily chose her mother’s home as the place she and her bridesmaids got ready for her big day on a late August afternoon, and where she would later be wed with Greg in the lush green backyard.



The greenery served as the perfect backdrop for Emily and Greg’s “First Look”. The couple exchanged handwritten letters to each other prior to facing back-to-back in a meadow-y patch of the backyard. The pair grinned as they read to themselves quietly the heartfelt messages written to one another, before turning around to face each other.


Emily’s alluring lace detailed gown from The Wedding Tree, which had already made it’s way to Australia – where the couple resides, and back to the Midwest before the big day, glistened in the sun. The bridesmaids and groomsmen assisted us with bubble blowing, creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for some fun photos of the soon-to-be-newlyweds.



The bridal party enjoyed some pre-ceremony time together, and Emily walked down the road to her father’s house as the guests started arriving.


During the ceremony, Emily and Greg stood under a wooden arch, decorated with silky white fabric and an elegant corner bouquet of soft pink flowers and greenery. Perched above Greg near the upper right corner of the arch was a copper hummingbird ornament, in honor of Greg’s late mother, Pamela. Inside Greg’s left chest pocket, a large pin held several small charms with photographs of other loved ones to be remembered, present in spirit with Greg and Emily on their big day.



Before the reception at The Waterfront began, the newlyweds and their wedding party took a stroll through downtown La Crosse. A color blocked alleyway and the historic Pearl Street served as beautiful backdrops as the August sun peaked through the billowy clouds in the sky.




The bridesmaids and groomsmen had a surprise up their sleeves for Mr. and Mrs. Wiora during the “Grand March” at the reception, all dressing in Australian-themed costumes – kangaroo and all! The couple loved the ode’ to the place they call home.

Speeches after dinner all highlighted on the authenticity of Greg and Emily’s love for one another. Friends and family noted how effortlessly the couple balanced each other out and made a great team together.




After Emily and Greg shared their first dance as a married couple together, the dance floor opened up and the “Chicken Dance” had everyone on their feet. At one point, the cameraman found himself in the middle of an energetic dance circle.



The next day, the newlyweds had a more casual celebration with family and friends at Walsh Golf Center, owned by Emily’s father. (It should be noted that Ben was overjoyed that dog’s were welcomed at this event!) While some enjoyed a round of golf, others played jumbo Jenga out on the lawn. A beautiful firework show brought the evening to end; Mr. and Mrs. Wiora surrounded by love.



Congratulations Emily & Greg!



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