A Charmant Wedding couple embracing in front of a river at sunset.

Charmant Wedding

Charmant Wedding

Here are a few photos I really loved from the day followed by a write up by my assistant/blogger, Katie. 

Amber & Chad Moeller – July 16th, 2017

The two roads that brought you here now leave as one.”

As Amber finished getting ready in a gorgeous boutique room of the Charmant Hotel, you could sense that she was anxious to get share a moment with her soon-to-be husband. As some family members ensured Chad was tucked behind the curtain of The Parlour (as to not see his fiancé), Amber made her way downstairs for a moment with Chad before the ceremonies for the day began. As they held hands hidden from each other via an exposed brick wall, the couple expressed their excitement for the day. Chad kept his eyes mostly fixed forward, trying his hardest to not get an early glimpse of his bride.


It was a hot summer day, but the canopies above the ceremony at Celebrations on the River provided some shade for family and guests in attendance. Chad’s three children played important roles in the ceremony as a flower girl, bridesmaid, and his son a ring bearer. The wedding parties themed color of plum popped in the sunlight as they walked down the aisle. As Amber approached the aisle with her parents, Chad’s eyes lit up as he laid eyes on his wife. As she got closer to him, a grin grew on his face, excitement portrayed for all in attendance to see.


Faith is an important value that Chad and Amber share, with it being the center of their marriage and the wedding ceremony. The couple bowed their heads in prayer together, and later shared a moment of worship with each other. As a worship song played, Amber sang with her eyes closed as she soaked in the message on this special day.

Several versus of scripture relating to the complexity of marriage were read, including Genesis 2:24 which reads, “That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.” To represent this unity, the couple took three strings of rope and braided the strands together on a special plaque, reminding the couple that marriage is not just a relationship between husband and wife; God is woven into the unity as well. There was an intimacy between Chad and Amber at the alter during these moments, with whispers shared and happiness displayed on both their expressions.


After the vows and rings were exchanged, the three ropes were braided in unity, and another prayer was shared with family and guests, Amber and Chad shared their first kiss together as husband and wife.

After formal photos with family were taken near the river and a short cocktail hour was enjoyed, the couple and their guests headed back to The Charmant in downtown La Crosse for dinner and the reception.


Part of the dining area at The Charmant was transformed to Amber and Chad’s dinner and reception area. White roses decorated the couple’s booth, while guest tables were accented with plum tableware, small tea light candles and a gorgeous array of purple and pink roses and wildflowers in vases. The unique antique look of the environment mixed with the formal details created a warm, intimate feeling.

Delicious hors d’oeuvres were served as guests got settled in, and several friends and family members gave heartfelt speeches for the newlyweds.


Another prayer was shared, and everyone enjoyed a decadent dinner prepared by the chefs at The Charmant. The couple cut their beautiful three tier white cake, and the reception proceeded. One thing that stood out with Amber and Chad’s reception was how at-ease the couple was. Receptions can easily get a bit hectic for a couple with so much going on, but Amber had a happy, calm energy throughout. “We’re doing our first dance now” she breezily said to guests as she smiled and met Chad on the dance floor.


As the reception continued, Amber and Chad walked down to Riverside Park together and took advantage of the gorgeous sunset on the evening where two roads left as one.

Congratulations Chad and Amber Moeller!

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