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Wedding Day Fun {La Crosse, WI Wedding Photographer}

Wedding day fun

Embracing Fun on Your Wedding Day: A Delightful Moment Captured

Every wedding day should have its share of fun moments, and sometimes those spontaneous bursts of joy make for the best memories. Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing such a moment when the bridal party decided to show off their strength in a playful and unforgettable way.

The bride and her bridesmaids, all dressed in stunning slim-fit gowns and high heels, decided to lift the groom for a fun photo. This wasn’t an easy feat, considering the groom was quite tall, but these ladies were determined to prove their strength. The shot was taken just outside the Newman Center in La Crosse, WI, a location I love for its beautiful natural light and open shaded areas, perfect for fun and formal pictures alike.

Before we left for the reception at The Waterfront, I asked if everyone felt safe with the idea. One bridesmaid confidently responded, “Of course we can lift him, I do crossfit!” Their confidence was palpable, so I encouraged them to hold the groom a little longer to capture their reactions. They laughed, giggled, and showcased great expressions, all while never dropping him. It was a testament to their teamwork and sense of fun.

The day continued with an elegant celebration, marking a perfect end to my 2013 wedding year. These moments of joy and spontaneity remind us all to embrace the lighter side of wedding days. Enjoy the laughter, cherish the fun, and remember that sometimes, the best memories are made when you let go and simply enjoy the moment.

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