A black and white photo of a couple kissing under a palm tree captured by a Wisconsin Wedding Photographer.

Costa Rica to La Crosse Wisconsin Wedding Photographer {Coast to Coast Kisses}

costa rica wedding photographer
Costa Rica to La Crosse Wisconsin Wedding Photographer {Coast to Coast Kisses} – Boxcar Photography travels for Destination wedding to Costa Rica


It’s a pleasure to revisit this incredible couple. They graciously allowed me to photograph both their wedding in Costa Rica and their reception back home in La Crosse, WI. They were among the most relaxed clients I had the pleasure of working with last year. While I was eager to capture wedding photos every evening leading up to the big day, they wisely encouraged me to unwind and savor the moments until the wedding festivities commenced.

One of the standout photos from their Costa Rican wedding was a unique challenge. I found myself literally in the bushes, drawn by the beautiful light at the Riu Guanacaste resort. However, the background was cluttered with guests enjoying drinks and celebrating. To simplify the image and focus on the couple, I creatively used leaves to block out and frame the scene. This decision enhanced the intimacy of the moment and made it truly memorable for me.

Upon returning to La Crosse, WI, we gathered for their wedding reception at Nell’s in downtown La Crosse—an experience that bridged my roles as both a Wisconsin wedding photographer and a destination wedding specialist. It’s always a joy for me, as someone from the same hometown, to catch up with the bride and groom and hear about their latest adventures, such as their recent trip to Mexico.

For more glimpses into their wedding journey, explore my blog posts: Costa Rica Wedding Beach Sunset captures the stunning moments from their destination wedding, while Costa Rica to La Crosse, Wisconsin Wedding Photographer highlights how I creatively excluded elements to craft meaningful photographs. Discover more about what makes shooting weddings in Costa Rica so special to me in this post here. Each link tells a part of their beautiful story, showcasing the journey from their tropical wedding to their heartfelt reception back home.

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