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International Wedding Photographer {Costa Rica}

International Wedding photographer Costa rica wedding treeImagine experiencing sunbursts, silhouettes, and warm weather—a stark contrast to the chilling 12-degree La Crosse winter. Costa Rica’s Riu Guanacaste provided the perfect backdrop for capturing these moments. Recently, chatting with the bride fresh from another wedding in Mexico, she emphasized the value of resorts like Riu and Sandals for international weddings. This aligns with my experience as an International Wedding Photographer in Costa Rica, where luxurious settings enhance the photography experience.
I cherish day-before sessions like this, strolling down the beach and creating relaxed, beautiful photos. Currently, I advocate for day-before and day-after sessions alongside full-day coverage, appreciating the calm before the wedding storm. I also relish the chance for unconventional “trash the dress” shots, celebrating fearless moments with my couples.
If you’re planning a wedding in Costa Rica, think of me—I love being an International Wedding Photographer. My clients’ generosity in bringing me to such exotic locales enriches my love for capturing love in new and extraordinary ways. Explore more about my International Wedding Photographer adventures on my blog and see how these moments unfold in stunning images.
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