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Lake City Wedding Photographer {Beach wedding Photo}

Lake City Wedding Photographer - Boxcar Photography
Lake City Wedding Photographer {Beach wedding Photo} – Boxcar Photography travels to Lake City, MN in order to photograph a wedding at the Jewel Golf course


Cannons, firetrucks, and beaches galore.  Nothing short of epic for these two on this big day.  To get this shot we left the Jewel Golf course where we had the ceremony and reception to go downtown Lake City via firetruck…yes I said it…firetruck.  And not a new one, this was an old school, no enclosures fire truck. I literally held on to my canon camera and lens on the back of the truck while we passed people with horns loud and clear.  We went down to the beachfront area where we could take some beautiful photos in front of the firetruck.  When we got all done I shot a few quick photos of the couple walking up from the beach.  This gentleman (and I say that on purpose) was nothing short of spectacular, holding his new brides dress as she walked up the sandy path.  I loved the couples choices on where to shoot, and how to properly schedule the day.  On top of that their choice of purple shirts on top of white vests was perfect for the different scenes we shot.  A suit jacket can be a bit formal, where the vests and matching tie is like a mullet, business first, but casual enough for the party after.  I recommend this for anyone who wants to style their wedding.   Enjoy!

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