A bride and groom embracing in a picturesque field, captured by a skilled Rochester MN wedding photographer.

Rochester MN Wedding Photographer

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Rochester MN Wedding Photographer

Shooting weddings in Rochester and being a Rochester MN Wedding Photographer.  I find myself from time and again in barns taking photos.  By far if you are looking for an amazing space to have a wedding at almost year round…please check into Mayowood Stone Barn.  Their accommodations are amazing and compliment a wide variety of settings.  Whether it be vintage, classic, or elegantly traditional..Mayowood Stone Barn has it.  The photos posted above are just a snippet into the day of these two.  I am trying to showcase some portraits we took outside, as well as some photos inside the upstairs and downstairs of the Stone Barn’s available space.  This wedding was unfortunately pushed inside.  It didn’t rain that day but the likelihood was high and there was no way anybody wanted to get caught in the rain! These two were troopers in taking some extra time over sunset to take some photos out in the high grass.  Some moments cannot even be scripted.  It only took a second for him to jump on the swing and have a nice little go-at-er on the swing set.

I think some of the best photos come out when I can just steal them away the couple for a few photos towards the end of the night (of course after they eat).  Couples tend to relax and be themselves when they realize the hustle and bustle of the pre ceremony is done.  The high tension of “perfection” has worn off.  From here on out it is just a party.  Not to mention that the best light comes in these hours. I hope you enjoyed the photos on this post as much as I enjoyed taking them.  Feel free to contact me if you ever have a wedding at Mayowood Stone Barn.  I love shooting there!

Why You Should Get Married in Rochester, MN

Choosing the perfect location for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in planning your special day. If you’re looking for a place that offers a blend of scenic beauty, historic charm, and modern amenities, Rochester, MN, should be at the top of your list. Nestled in the heart of southern Minnesota, Rochester provides a picturesque backdrop for your wedding, along with a host of other benefits that will make your celebration truly memorable. Here’s why you should consider getting married in Rochester, MN.

Scenic Beauty and Historic Charm

Rochester is renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich history, making it an ideal location for a romantic wedding. The city is surrounded by rolling hills, lush greenery, and serene waterways, offering countless picturesque settings for your ceremony and photos. Venues like Mayowood Stone Barn provide a unique blend of historic charm and modern elegance, with beautiful stone architecture and scenic views that create a timeless and enchanting atmosphere.

A Variety of Venue Options

Rochester offers a diverse range of wedding venues to suit any style or size of wedding. From historic barns and elegant ballrooms to intimate gardens and modern event spaces, you’ll find the perfect venue to match your vision. Some standout options include:

  • Mayowood Stone Barn: A historic barn offering rustic elegance and stunning countryside views.
  • Plummer House: A historic mansion with beautiful gardens and panoramic views.
  • Rochester Art Center: A modern venue with contemporary art and a sleek, stylish ambiance.

Excellent Accommodations and Amenities

Rochester is home to a variety of high-quality accommodations that can comfortably host your out-of-town guests. From luxury hotels to charming bed and breakfasts, there are plenty of options to suit all tastes and budgets. The city’s amenities also make it easy to plan and coordinate your wedding, with experienced vendors, top-notch catering services, and professional wedding planners readily available to help you every step of the way.

Rich Cultural and Recreational Activities

Rochester offers a wealth of cultural and recreational activities for you and your guests to enjoy before and after the wedding. The city is home to world-class museums, galleries, theaters, and parks, providing endless opportunities for entertainment and exploration. The Mayo Civic Center regularly hosts concerts, performances, and events, while the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market offers a taste of local flavors and artisanal goods.

Convenient Location

Rochester’s convenient location makes it easily accessible for guests traveling from near and far. The city is served by the Rochester International Airport, which offers direct flights to major cities, and is also a short drive from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. This accessibility ensures that your guests can arrive and depart with ease, making your wedding celebration even more enjoyable.

Friendly and Welcoming Community

One of the most appealing aspects of getting married in Rochester is the warm and welcoming community. The city’s residents are known for their hospitality and friendliness, ensuring that you and your guests feel right at home. This supportive atmosphere can make your wedding day even more special, as you celebrate your love surrounded by the kindness and warmth of the local community.

Plan Your Dream Wedding in Rochester, MN

Rochester, MN, offers everything you could want for a dream wedding: stunning scenery, diverse venue options, excellent accommodations, rich cultural activities, convenient access, and a welcoming community. Whether you envision a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, Rochester provides the perfect backdrop for a wedding that you and your guests will remember forever.

For more information on planning your wedding in Rochester, visit the Rochester Convention and Visitors Bureau and start exploring all that this charming city has to offer. Let Rochester, MN, be the setting for your beautiful love story.

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