Minneapolis Wedding Venues

Minneapolis Wedding Venues

Comprehensive Guide to Wedding Venues in and Around Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a vibrant city with a wealth of stunning wedding venues that cater to every style and preference. From historic mansions to modern industrial spaces, and even scenic natural settings, there’s something for every couple. Here’s a comprehensive list and review of some of the best wedding venues in Minneapolis, as well as some exceptional venues within a two-hour drive.

Minneapolis Wedding Venues

  1. The Gale Mansion

    • Website: The Gale Mansion
    • Review: This historic mansion offers timeless elegance with its beautifully restored architecture and classic interior. It’s perfect for couples looking for a sophisticated and intimate setting. The Gale Mansion provides both indoor and outdoor spaces, making it versatile for any season.
  2. Machine Shop

    • Website: Machine Shop
    • Review: Located in the heart of Minneapolis, Machine Shop combines industrial chic with modern elegance. With its large windows, exposed brick walls, and high ceilings, it’s an ideal venue for contemporary couples. The open layout allows for customizable decor, making each wedding unique.
  3. Stone Arch Bridge

    • Website: Stone Arch Bridge
    • Review: This historic bridge offers breathtaking views of the Mississippi River and the Minneapolis skyline. It’s a picturesque spot for ceremonies and photo sessions, particularly at sunset. The nearby park areas also provide beautiful locations for receptions.
  4. Nicollet Island Pavilion

    • Website: Nicollet Island Pavilion
    • Review: Nestled on an island in the Mississippi River, this venue offers a blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication. The Pavilion’s exposed brick and large windows create a charming atmosphere, while the outdoor spaces offer stunning views of the river and cityscape.
  5. Minnehaha Falls

    • Website: Minnehaha Falls
    • Review: For nature lovers, Minnehaha Falls provides a breathtaking backdrop with its cascading waterfall and lush greenery. The park offers several spots for ceremonies and photos, making it a magical location for outdoor weddings.
  6. Basilica of Saint Mary

    • Website: Basilica of Saint Mary
    • Review: This grand, historic church is perfect for couples seeking a traditional and majestic wedding venue. The stunning architecture, including its soaring ceilings and intricate stained glass, provides a dramatic and awe-inspiring setting for your ceremony.

Wedding Venues Within Two Hours of Minneapolis

  1. Camrose Hill Flower Farm (Stillwater, MN)

    • Website: Camrose Hill Flower Farm
    • Review: Located in picturesque Stillwater, Camrose Hill Flower Farm offers a romantic and enchanting setting for garden weddings. The lush gardens, charming barns, and floral backdrops make it a perfect choice for nature-loving couples.
  2. Mayowood Stone Barn (Rochester, MN)

    • Website: Mayowood Stone Barn
    • Review: This historic stone barn in Rochester provides a rustic yet elegant setting. With its beautiful grounds and charming interior, Mayowood Stone Barn is ideal for couples seeking a blend of history and natural beauty.
  3. The Outing Lodge at Pine Point (Stillwater, MN)

    • Website: The Outing Lodge
    • Review: This European-style lodge offers a unique and intimate setting surrounded by lush gardens and woodlands. The historic estate’s old-world charm makes it a perfect venue for a cozy and romantic wedding.
  4. Hope Glen Farm (Cottage Grove, MN)

    • Website: Hope Glen Farm
    • Review: Located just outside of Minneapolis, Hope Glen Farm offers a rustic and charming venue with a beautiful barn and scenic surroundings. The farm’s vintage touches and picturesque landscape create a warm and inviting atmosphere for weddings.
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  5. Villa Bellezza Winery (Pepin, WI)

    • Website: Villa Bellezza Winery
    • Review: Just across the border in Wisconsin, Villa Bellezza Winery offers a taste of Italy with its Mediterranean-style architecture and vineyard views. It’s an ideal venue for couples seeking a romantic and sophisticated setting.
  6. Round Barn Farm (Red Wing, MN)

    • Website: Round Barn Farm
    • Review: This historic farm in Red Wing features a unique round barn, lush gardens, and scenic countryside views. It’s a charming and rustic venue perfect for couples looking for a blend of history and natural beauty.
  7. The Hidden Meadow & Barn (Pepin, WI)

    Website: The Hidden Meadow & Barn

    Review: Nestled in the picturesque Back Valley of Pepin, Wisconsin, The Hidden Meadow & Barn is a quintessential venue for couples seeking a blend of rustic charm and natural beauty. With its stunning ceremony meadow, custom arch, and reclaimed stained glass windows, this venue creates a unique, cinematic atmosphere for your vows. The Open-Sided Barn, with its elegant yet country-inspired design, offers a cozy, open space for a memorable reception. Perfect for those wanting a serene, picturesque setting for their wedding day.

Elements to Incorporate in Your Minneapolis Wedding Photos

  • Foreground Elements: Use architectural details, natural landscapes, and urban features to add depth and context to your photos. Incorporating elements like blooming flowers, city skylines, or historic structures can enhance the visual storytelling of your wedding day.
  • Weather Considerations: Minneapolis experiences all four seasons, each offering unique photographic opportunities. Whether it’s the vibrant colors of fall, the fresh greenery of spring, the warm glow of summer, or the magical snow-covered landscapes of winter, embrace the season to create memorable images.


Minneapolis and its surrounding areas offer a diverse array of wedding venues, each with its own unique charm and character. Whether you’re looking for urban sophistication, historic elegance, or rustic romance, there’s a perfect venue waiting for you. As a wedding photographer, I am passionate about capturing the authentic moments and emotions of your special day in this beautiful region. For more information or to book your wedding photography, visit Boxcar Photography. Let’s create beautiful memories together in the heart of Minneapolis and beyond.

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