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Backyard Romance and Stormy Weather | Minneapolis Wedding Photography

Jake and Kate’s wedding was rooted in family and tradition. Jake’s Grandmother gifted him a ring that has been passed down through generations of their family, and Kate had cute gifts as keepsakes for her mother, and the bridesmaids included handwritten letters and custom jewelry pieces.

A backyard ceremony, Jake and Kate a small seated area by a bed of flowers, and guests were given fans, which was ideal given the extreme heat and the on and off rain showers matched by hail and a tornado warning siren sounding. The weather kept us on our toes all day, but nothing mattered but the vows they were so ready to take! 

The gorgeous lawn and a canopy of lush trees surrounded them as they did a knot tying ceremony, which has now become a cool piece of décor for their home. I love this idea; what a unique and interesting way to bring a part of their wedding into their daily lives for years and even generations to come! 

Couples who can embrace change during their wedding planning are generally couples who can adapt to life’s curveballs. Like many 2020 couples, their wedding was postponed and moved from Chicago to a family home, but that didn’t stop them from going big. We ventured to an amazing local park, vibrant with natural beauty and old grown trees; it was a great backdrop for creating amazing family and wedding parties’ amazing formals.

Wedding portraits are often inspired by the moments and connections they capture, but there’s something really cool about creating a wedding video. Being able to record as Kate’s Dad swept her off her feet spontaneously and spun her around in a moment of sheer joy and emotion was exactly one of those moments that was awesome to capture live.

As it sometimes happens, the video was a last-minute add-on, booked by Kate’s mom.  Several times during the day, she mentioned to me that she was so grateful she had decided to include video because moments like that are ones you never want to forget. We love providing video services along with still photos; they really are the perfect match to capture all the essence and excitement of your day. 

Photographers love a good storm because it usually means amazing skies, and Jake and Kate’s wedding day delivered. Walking around the park, moving between fun candid moments with the umbrella escaping the light drops of rain, and then embracing along the pathway with the water reflecting and gorgeous blue skies behind was just awesome. 

Back at the house, a bright, white tent had joined the party keeping guests dry while still allowing tons of available light to fill the space. An emotional round of speeches, ended by Kate’s father’s heartfelt words, left everyone feeling the love. When Jake and Kate took to the stone patio under the swaying Edison lights, the backyard transformed into one of the most romantic receptions I’ve photographed. 

Even their fur baby couldn’t resist a guest appearance on the dancefloor, which is just the kind of personal, spontaneous excitement a backyard wedding can have. It was an amazing wedding, Jake and Kate, and I’m so honored to have captured both photos and videos for you!

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