The La Crosse bride is wearing a veil at her wedding.

La Crosse Wedding Photographer {Como Falls}

Bride under a veil

Como Falls: A Stunning Backdrop for Wedding Photography

Have I mentioned that I love veils? This shot was pulled off quickly as the whole wedding party was making their way back to the bus limo. I seized the moment, grabbed the couple, and snapped a few photos next to Como Falls in Hokah, MN. This location allowed me to capture several elements in one frame—the bride’s ring, her beautiful veil, and the picturesque surroundings of Como Falls.

What made this photo special wasn’t just the visual appeal but also the bride’s personality. She exuded charisma and a zest for life that came through effortlessly in the photos. Throughout the day, from the church in Hokah to the stunning Como Falls, and finally to the Best Western in La Crosse where the wedding concluded, she brought a mix of seriousness and humor that made every moment enjoyable.

Como Falls provided a perfect blend of natural beauty and tranquility, enhancing the romantic ambiance of their wedding day. It was a joy to capture her spirit against such a scenic backdrop, where the rushing water and lush greenery complemented her vibrant energy.

Explore more about Como Falls and consider it for your next photography session: Como Falls – Explore Minnesota.

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