A group of men signing a document in a courtroom during a wedding at the Wisconsin Capital.

Wisconsin Capital Wedding

Celebrating Love at the Wisconsin State Capitol: A Madison Wedding Experience

A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of second shooting a wedding at one of Wisconsin’s most iconic landmarks—the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. As a photographer who relishes capturing special moments, this experience was truly memorable, offering a unique blend of historic grandeur and personal touches. Let me take you through this wonderful celebration that perfectly showcased the beauty and charm of a Capitol wedding.

A Day in Madison

Arriving a day early allowed me to enjoy the vibrant city of Madison and relax with some local friends. I stayed at the Hotel Red on Monroe Street, which I highly recommend. Its cozy atmosphere and excellent service made for a pleasant stay. The next day, I headed over to the Madison Concourse Hotel, where the groom and his party were getting ready. The hotel’s downtown location was convenient, and its upscale amenities, including an open bar and exclusive suites, added a touch of luxury to the day.

The Wisconsin State Capitol: A Historic Backdrop

The wedding ceremony took place in the majestic Wisconsin State Capitol, an iconic and historic venue that provided a stunning backdrop for the couple’s special day. The ceremony was held in the Senate chamber, complete with voting buttons on the desks—an intriguing touch that added a unique flavor to the event. The grand setting and the historical significance of the location created an atmosphere of timeless elegance.

Capturing the Moments

As I captured the groom and his party preparing for the big day, it was clear that the atmosphere was relaxed and filled with humor. The groom, in particular, was either remarkably calm or adept at hiding any pre-wedding nerves. The camaraderie among the groomsmen was evident, adding a fun and light-hearted energy to the preparation.

Once the preparations were complete, we moved through a special elevator and an exclusive guest hallway to the Capitol’s exterior. The overcast sky provided a beautiful, soft light for our outdoor photos, enhancing the classic and sophisticated look of the Capitol’s architecture.

A Memorable Ceremony

The ceremony itself was heartwarming and intimate. The string quartet played as the bride walked down the aisle, and the vows exchanged were filled with emotion. After the ceremony, the couple took their official “I’m married” selfie, a modern twist on a traditional moment, celebrating their new journey together.

Celebrations at the Masonic Center

Following the ceremony, we made our way to the Masonic Center for the reception. The venue was beautifully decorated, featuring a candy bar, a cocktail hour with delicious appetizers, and a lively DJ who kept the guests entertained. The father of the bride’s humorous speech and the touching maid of honor’s toast added personal and heartfelt moments to the evening.

The reception was a joyful celebration, with dancing and laughter that lasted well into the night. As a second shooter, I focused on capturing the candid and spontaneous moments, while my friend, the primary photographer, handled the rest of the evening’s events.


This wedding at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison was a delightful blend of historic charm and personal touches. From the elegant ceremony in the Senate chamber to the lively reception at the Masonic Center, every moment was thoughtfully planned and beautifully executed. The stunning backdrop of the Capitol, combined with the couple’s warm and genuine celebration, made this an unforgettable experience. If you’re considering a Capitol wedding in Madison, you’ll be treated to a day filled with grandeur, romance, and a touch of local flair.

For more information or to book your own wedding in Madison, feel free to reach out. Whether you’re looking for a historic venue or a vibrant city atmosphere, Madison offers a range of options to create your perfect wedding day.

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