A Winona wedding photographer captures a couple next to a river, with a bridge in the background.

Winona Wedding Photographer – Capturing Intimate Moments in Downtown Winona, Minnesota

Winona Wedding Photographer

Capturing Magic in Winona: A Journey as a Wedding Photographer

Being a Winona wedding photographer is a journey filled with beauty and charm, from the stunning venues to the picturesque landscapes both downtown and by the river. It’s an exciting time to be part of this community, capturing intimate moments and crafting stories through photography. Join me on this journey as I delve deeper into the stories behind the photos I take, sharing what makes each moment special.

Winter Engagement Shoot on the Mississippi River

One of my most memorable sessions was a winter engagement shoot on the Mississippi River. Despite the overcast skies, the day turned magical as I captured vibrant colors from the sky, creating a stunning backdrop for the couple. Using creative techniques like saturation and backlighting, I focused the light on them, making them the heart of every frame. Their choice of warm attire—matching flannel shirts with down vests—added a cozy, rustic feel that perfectly complemented the wintery environment.

Memorable Wedding Venues and Locations

The couple’s wedding at the Jewel Golf Club in Lake City, MN, stands out for its hospitable staff and beautifully maintained grounds. It was a pleasure to capture the essence of their special day against such a scenic backdrop.

In Pickwick, MN, I had the honor of capturing moments that highlighted the groom’s role as a firefighter for the Pickwick team. The sense of community and pride added a unique depth to the photos, showcasing the couple’s personal story within their local community.


As a Winona wedding photographer, I am privileged to document the intimate moments and beautiful landscapes that define each couple’s journey. Whether it’s the urban charm of downtown Winona or the serene beauty by the river, every location offers a unique backdrop for unforgettable wedding photography.

Stay tuned to my blog for more stories and insights into my photographic journey. Enjoy this final shot of the teacher and firefighter walking away from a successful engagement session, capturing the essence of their love and the beauty of Winona.

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