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Wine Engagement – La Crosse Wedding Photography

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Wine Engagement – La Crosse Wedding Photography

Engagement sessions are a fantastic opportunity to capture the love and excitement between a couple before their big day. Adding a theme can make these sessions even more special and memorable. One theme that is both elegant and enjoyable is incorporating wine into your engagement photos. A few years back, I had the pleasure of shooting a wine-themed engagement session in the La Crosse area, specifically at Riverview Winery in La Crescent, MN. This relaxed and intimate session inspired me to share some fun ideas for incorporating wine into your engagement photos.

1. Winery or Vineyard Location

Choosing a winery or vineyard as the location for your engagement session provides a picturesque backdrop and an intimate, romantic atmosphere. The rows of grapevines, rustic barrels, and charming architecture create a serene and beautiful setting. Riverview Winery, for instance, offered a perfect blend of natural beauty and relaxed ambiance. Consider local wineries or vineyards in your area that may offer unique scenery for your shoot.

2. Picnic Among the Vines

One delightful way to incorporate wine into your engagement session is by having a picnic among the vines. Bring a blanket, a basket filled with your favorite snacks, and, of course, a bottle of wine. This setup allows for candid moments of the couple enjoying each other’s company, sipping wine, and sharing laughter. The casual, intimate nature of a picnic makes for stunning, natural photos that capture genuine emotions.

3. Wine Tasting Experience

Arrange a private wine tasting experience at the winery. This not only provides a fun activity for the couple but also adds a touch of sophistication to the session. Capture moments of the couple clinking glasses, swirling their wine, and savoring the different flavors. The interaction with the sommelier and the detailed shots of the wine glasses and bottles can add depth to your photo collection.

4. Strolling Through the Vineyard

There’s something inherently romantic about walking hand-in-hand through a vineyard. The long rows of grapevines and the soft light filtering through the leaves create a dreamy atmosphere. Encourage the couple to stroll, chat, and enjoy the scenery. These candid moments will produce beautiful, timeless photos that showcase their connection and love.

5. Barrel Room Romance

Many wineries have barrel rooms where wine is aged in oak barrels. These rooms often have a rustic, old-world charm. Using the barrel room as a backdrop can add a touch of vintage romance to your photos. The rich textures and dim lighting can create a warm, intimate mood, perfect for capturing close, affectionate shots of the couple.

6. Toast to the Future

A classic yet meaningful shot is capturing the couple toasting to their future together. This simple gesture symbolizes their commitment and the exciting journey ahead. You can take this shot in various settings within the winery – in the vineyard, at a rustic table, or with a scenic view in the background. The key is to capture the genuine joy and anticipation in their expressions.

7. Incorporating Wine Bottles and Glasses

Use wine bottles and glasses as props throughout the session. Personalized wine labels with the couple’s names and wedding date can add a unique touch. Photos of the couple pouring wine, clinking glasses, or simply holding their glasses while gazing at each other can be incredibly romantic. These props help to tell the story of their love in a sophisticated, elegant manner.

8. Seasonal Touches

Consider the season when planning your wine-themed engagement session. Each season offers unique opportunities to enhance the beauty of the winery. In spring, the blossoming grapevines and flowers add a fresh, vibrant feel. Summer provides lush, green vines and warm, golden light. Autumn brings rich, warm colors with the changing leaves, while winter offers a stark, serene beauty with bare vines and cozy indoor shots by the fireplace.

9. Documenting the Journey

Beyond the wine-themed photos, consider documenting the couple’s journey leading up to this moment. I had the pleasure of capturing various stages of a couple’s life, from their winter mini-session and summer engagement photos to their wedding and now their journey into parenthood. These milestones add depth and context to their story, showcasing their growth and the milestones they’ve achieved together.

10. Advice from the Couple

During my session with the couple at Riverview Winery, we had meaningful conversations about their relationship and marriage. They shared valuable advice on communication, respect, and trust – the cornerstones of a successful marriage. Including such personal elements in the engagement session can make the photos even more special and meaningful. Quotes or snippets of advice from the couple can be integrated into a photo album or used as captions for the photos.

Planning Your Wine-Themed Engagement Session

Planning a wine-themed engagement session involves a few key steps to ensure everything goes smoothly and you capture the best moments:

  1. Choose the Right Winery or Vineyard: Research local wineries or vineyards that offer the ambiance and scenery you desire. Contact them in advance to schedule a session and discuss any necessary permissions.
  2. Plan the Outfits: Coordinate outfits that complement the vineyard’s natural beauty and the overall theme. Neutral tones, pastels, and classic attire often work well.
  3. Timing is Key: Schedule the session during the golden hour (just after sunrise or before sunset) for the best natural lighting. This time of day provides soft, warm light that enhances the romantic atmosphere.
  4. Props and Accessories: Bring along props like personalized wine bottles, picnic blankets, and a basket of snacks. These items add a personal touch and help tell your story.
  5. Relax and Enjoy: The most important aspect is for the couple to relax and enjoy the experience. Genuine emotions and interactions make for the best photos.


Incorporating wine into your engagement session offers a unique, elegant, and relaxed atmosphere that can make your photos truly special. Whether it’s a picnic among the vines, a private wine tasting, or a romantic stroll through the vineyard, these moments will be captured beautifully and authentically. As a wedding photographer, I love helping couples create lasting memories that reflect their unique love story. If you’re considering a wine-themed engagement session, don’t hesitate to reach out – I’d be honored to help you plan and capture this special moment.

For more information about Riverview Winery and planning your own wine engagement session, visit their website. If this sounds like a place that you and your loved one would like to get photos done, feel free to contact me by email; information on how to contact me can be found on my website.

Wine Engagement – La Crosse Wedding Photography. I shot this session a few years back in the La Crosse area.  The couple wanted a relaxed session so they chose to reach out to River view Winery in La Crecent, MN to take the photos.  It was refreshing to sit back and relax with these two.  I have been friends with them for quite some time now, so it felt natural to just be able to share life with them while taking some photos.  It is even crazier to see what has come about in just the last few months.  These two got married at Cathedral of Saint Joseph the Workman with a reception at the Waterfront going on a year and a half ago. Getting to see them transition into married life and continue the careers they both built previous to being married has been great; and now they have a baby bump to boot!  With many transitions can come a lot of complications and a lot of frustrations.  I was able to connect quickly with these two this week and they gave a few lessons to what they deem a successful marriage. On the top of the list “Communication, respect and trust are the key!”  When talking with C she said that if anyone would have asked her about marriage that would be the advice she gives.  “If you don’t have that you have nothing,” she added.  They realize that each major mile stone will have its complications. The transition to buy a house was one of the hardest transitions to date, however “I know having this baby will be next.”  In conclusion to our conversation, their proudest moment was when they realized that they were ready to be parents “whenever that opportunity came along.”  To many more healthy years to come to these two!

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