A photographer capturing a bride and groom embracing in the North shore woods.

Photographer North shore

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Photographer North shore Oahu, Hawaii

Some would say it was a dream come true. Never in a million years when I have thought that I would hold the title photographer North Shore Oahu, Hawaii.  If you would if the asked me 10 years ago when I was going to do I would’ve told you that I would be behind the pulpit as a preacher. I don’t think I ever would have thought that I would be a photographer, I have always had a creative knack, but actually despised shooting photos. It was because my mother was constantly taking photos all the time. Let me clarify she was not a professional in any way shape or form but I did learn something very important. Photography takes you places. For me it takes me physical places, this year alone I have been to Japan, Hawaii, Florida, Chicago, and Portland. It’s only May.  I expect that the features gonna hold bigger and brighter things always. Photography has given me an outlet to express myself creatively. It’s allowed me to have a medium where I can try to push myself further and further every single time. I’ve noticed that as I grow and learn more and more about Photography. I learn some very important life lessons. This couple for instance showed me what love should be. How intimate people can be together and how close they can get to each other. Bringing it back around to what I was saying about my mother, she wasn’t a professional in any way shape or form, but she was taking pictures. She was documenting a lifestyle. Sure she may have blown up all her highlights, her composition might have been off at times, her photos might have even been a slight bit blurry. That still doesn’t negate the fact that the picture still taken, which is by far the most important thing.

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