La Crosse Senior Photographer captures a stylish young man posing for a photo.

La Crosse Senior Photographer

Mastering Male Posing in Senior Photos: A La Crosse Photographer’s Perspective

It’s about time I share my experiences as a La Crosse Senior Photographer! While my primary focus tends to be weddings and personal projects, I occasionally dive into senior photography sessions. Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Caleb’s senior session, a special opportunity that allowed me to blend my love for photography with a personal connection.

A Journey Through Time

I’ve known Caleb and his family for many years. In fact, Caleb’s parents have known me since I was around 10, and I’ve watched Caleb grow from a young child into a high school senior preparing to attend Western Technical College in La Crosse. It’s remarkable to see how life comes full circle and to witness the transformation of young kids into young adults. As I approach my 28th birthday, experiences like these make me appreciate the journey and the milestones along the way.

Exploring Downtown La Crosse

For Caleb’s senior session, we explored various locations around downtown La Crosse, spending about an hour and a half scouting the perfect spots. We ultimately decided on a few key areas, culminating in a stunning set of silhouette shots at sunset. This not only provided a beautiful backdrop but also highlighted Caleb’s transition into this new chapter of his life.

The Art of Male Posing

Posing male seniors can be a bit different from other photography sessions. Here are a few tips I’ve found useful for capturing natural and engaging portraits:

  1. Confidence Over Perfection: Encourage a relaxed demeanor. The best photos often come from moments when the subject feels at ease rather than trying too hard to strike a pose.
  2. Focus on Natural Poses: For males, more natural, relaxed poses often work best. Try to capture the subject in a position that feels comfortable and genuine, rather than overly staged.
  3. Utilize the Environment: Leverage the surroundings to complement the subject. Whether leaning against a wall, sitting on steps, or standing in a scenic spot, use the environment to add depth and interest to the photos.
  4. Play with Angles: Experiment with different angles to find what works best. Sometimes, a slight tilt of the head or a change in posture can make a big difference in how the photo turns out.
  5. Incorporate Personal Elements: If the senior is involved in sports or extracurricular activities, incorporating elements related to their interests can add a personal touch to the session. While Caleb didn’t have specific extracurriculars, including such elements can create a more meaningful and personalized set of photos.

Looking Ahead

While I don’t often market myself for senior photography, this session has inspired me to consider taking on more of these projects in the future. Each senior has their own unique story, and capturing that story through photos is a rewarding experience.

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your senior’s milestones or have any other photography needs, feel free to reach out. I’d love to bring your vision to life and create memorable images that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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