An aerial view of the Multnoma Falls on a forest hike.

Multnoma Falls Hike

Multnoma Falls picture Multnoma Falls OR 0002 Multnoma Falls OR 0003 Multnoma Falls OR 0004 Multnoma Falls OR 0005 Multnoma Falls OR 0006 Multnoma Falls HikeMultnoma Falls Hike


This next experience was exciting, but only because it was a famous experience. We were actually on our way to visit some other falls and the Columbia River gorge, but on the way there we stopped off to see the very famous Multnoma Falls Hike. This was deathly something that was more driven towards people who want to do a tourist event. The trail goes on and connects to other trails but for the most part the reason why you go to Multnoma Falls with its two view the hike and take a picture with it. It is also just around the corner from a gift shop that they set up specifically for the falls.  They have a parking lot that is located close by both the gift shop and the base of the falls.  If I recall correctly they even have a wheelchair accessible ramp so that you can get up to the second story two see the larger waterfall up close.  This is a a waterfall that is very industrialized.  The falls have great amenities to make sure that you can get to them. Overall if I were to look at these falls I look at them as being a set of waterfalls that are best for large family use and showing the kids.  In my stage of life I find it beneficial to travel out to mountains that call my name.  I like a good challenge and honestly Multnoma Falls is not that.  That doesn’t mean it’s with not a good place to go to with the family or if you’re in the Portland area, but I would deftly recommended more for a 5 to 10 minutes top on the way to something more exciting.  Granted at the current time of writing this I am single and 28 years old, I’m sure that will change in years to come.

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