A person is surfing at a beach in Hawaii, enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Hawaii wedding landscape sunset

Hawaii wedding landscape sunset

Currently snowing, cold and dull here in Wisconsin.  It had me reminiscing about this Hawaii wedding landscape sunset.  In a time of my life when I am found curled up inside just trying to keep cold, I do what I can to remember what I have had the privilege to see so far.  I am so thankful for moments like this.  This was probably one of the most dramatic sunsets I have ever taken.  I just want to go back, I just want to sit and watch as the colors change from red, to blue, to purple and then to pink.  Within a few short moments it all changed so much.  I feel like going back, but I guess that is the point, to relish in that moment while you are there.

It is really encouraging to me to not get wrapped up so much this next year in taking pictures, but in experiencing.  I feel like every couple teaches me so much, I’ve grown up so much from my experiences of different cultures, family traditions and outlooks on life.  It happens so subtly without anyone telling me to experience.  Its been a crazy trip so far, and I look forward to the potential future.


hawaii wedding landscape sunset

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