A beautiful bride and groom hugging each other on a golf course.

beautiful brides dress

beautiful brides dress



Beautiful Brides Dress

Is this not the most beautiful brides dress you have ever seen?! I love everything about it and I will tell you why! Textured looks like the ones in this photo have been coming pretty solid in mainstream fashion for a long time. Texture gives dresses a three dimensional look. It makes flowers and ruffles stand out at you and are some simple ways to add texture to your dress. Many dresses have pleats in them (and not in the pants, hehe Anchorman Joke) in order to increase the texture of the dress. These are simple ways to give your dress texture, especially when it does not come in the fabric of your choosing. You can always texture the dress with embroidered fabric, or add a skirt. By far the easiest way to add texture is going to be in the fabric itself. If looking at an open back dress like the one in this photo, I would recommend looking towards reducing the amount of accessories you have and possibly even put your hair up (depending on how well you can style it) so it does not distract from how the dress accents you.

For a photographer this means that we have more to photograph. Texture is a method we use all the time, we are constantly “pinning” couples next to brick walls, old staircases, and green grass. The irregularities of an old brick wall sometimes can compliment a beautiful moment, and in this case so does a wedding dress. Textured dresses give brides a surface that draws the eyes towards its ruffles and ridges that contrast with their smooth skin.

Other texture ideas would include other options. For instance you can wear gloves that match your dress. Add ruffles to the bottom of the dress, or maybe a sash of color? If you do wear accessories make sure they match your dress, but of course…I know you will.

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