bride and goom sitting

Wedding Stairs of La Crosse WI

Wedding stairsbride seated on stairs
bride and goom sitting


Seated shots are always risky.  Brides with their nice dresses, grooms with their studly tuxes, nobody wants a stain anywhere.   We shot this at Cedar Creek in La Crosse, WI.  The bride and groom just finished eating, and were so willing to go explore the grounds together as we waited for the sun to set.  The sun was still a little high so we had to find shade.  I was able to find these steps to take us out of the sun for a little sit down on the wedding stairs, and relaxed spot. I used the sun as a backlight to separate them from the background (see their hair) and asked them to take a seat.  A similar effect can be done with strobes if you want that look.

I had a lot of fun with these two over the course of getting to know each other.  You will see a lot of different types with them involved because they chose to have two engagement sessions downtown La Crosse.  The first was during the cold winter, walking around with coats and even laying on the hard cold ground to get some amazing fun shots.  We later had another session downtown La Crosse once it warmed up.  You will notice on both the photos of the bride in her wedding dress and in other blog posts with her summer dress, this bride loves detail and textures.  Both sessions and the wedding could have been put straight into pinterest.

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