A bride adorning her wedding shoes.

Wedding shoes

Wedding shoes
Wedding shoes
Wedding shoes

Wedding shoes seem to be a big deal, and for good reason.  What other accessory do you use over 80 percent of your day?  Shoes are not just an accessory, but a necessity.  And good shoes can mean the difference between a long day of pain and a long day of pride.   Wedding shoes are a detail of your day, and as a photographer I look for a good pair of shoes that compliment your dress.  Shoes show what kind of personality you have.

Wear comfortable shoes

From a photographer’s standpoint, wear comfortable shoes.  You will be standing for 9-14 hours that day doing things like dancing, walking, and probably a little Cuban shuffle.

Buy the shoes

You know those shoes that are super expensive?  The ones you dont want to afford but they look that good?  Yeah, buy em.  They will add flair to your day, and they are guaranteed to be a direct reflection of your personality

Dancing shoes

Consider a separate pair of shoes, one for the ceremony, one for the dances.  Sometimes a nice pair of flip flops can even do the trick for some wedding couples, but buying a comfortable flat shoe that still emphasizes your personality but are more comfortable when your feet want to give out.  It helps trust me.

It was Marilyn Monroe that once said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”  Shoes are that accessory that make the final points on your wardrobe.  It can be classy, casual, or out for a run, shoes can match up with outfits and tell a story of what kind of activity you plan on doing for the day.  It is no wonder that I see women pin about shoes.  From a wedding photographers standpoint, please invest in your shoes.


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