A black and white wedding photo featuring a bride and groom in a field, captured by a skilled Wedding Photographer.

Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Something about being a Wedding Photographer gives me so many different experiences. I learn so much from each person.  I feel like I take away from each wedding something different.  This couple was so calm and relaxed during their wedding day.  From the beginning meetings to the very end the couple could not stop smiling.  Sitting down during different meetings I could sense how logical both of them were when it came to life.  It was refreshing.  Both of them built a relationship I was jealous of.  They were friends for quite some time before they got into a relationship.  I believe this is a perfect way to build a lasting relationship.  So very jealous!

She chose to get ready at her house.  Which made for a very relevant and meaningful place to get her dress on.  Her dress had so much detail included, and was actually custom fit to her with the seamstress (I believe that’s what they are called) on hand.  They chose to do a first look in downtown Holmen on the bridge.  Its a nice secluded area where the couple can have a little moment alone.  Anytime there is a first look it allows for us to take more formals in the beginning of the day which makes the day flow just a little bit smoother.   They chose to have their wedding day at Drugans Golf Course.  With the ceremony and reception both at the same site it allowed for a more relaxed day with less hassle of travel.  You will notice their peacock themed wedding.  This included the head table, cake, guest tables and even the archway at ceremony had peacock feathers involved.  I really recommend styling your wedding with something like this, or hire a professional like Weddings By Nancy to plan your wedding decor for you.  If you do go with weddings By Nancy ask for Caleb, a personal friend and wedding planner.


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