A man surprises a woman with a proposal in a bar.

Surprise Proposal

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Surprise Proposal

This surprise proposal comes straight to you from Downtown La Crosse, WI.  The groom to be decided that he wanted to propose to the girl of his dreams at the same place that he met her.  They met in a bar downtown La Crosse called Sawtooth Sams.  The bar has some of the largest space in the downtown area with its connection to Coconut Joes (owned by the same people).  Coconut Joes is a top 40 music bar with a beach theme with underwater murals and even a large shark jetting out of a corner.  The Sawtooth Sams side is the country side of the bar and at the time of writing this was the biggest Country bar downtown La Crosse until they closed for renovations.  The groom had all his and her mutual friends line up from the door all the way to the main stage area.  Her friends had her meeting them all there to her surprise.  As she walked through the group of people who gave her roses to hold she finally met him at the end on one knee.  As you can see…she said yes.  Lets face it…I probably wouldn’t be posting this if it didn’t have a happy ending.  They took a few moments to dance as the guys had silly inside jokes that had to get a shot or two of.  We finished with a group photo before I took the bride and groom outside to take a few intimate pictures with just the bride and groom.

For all of you camera nerds, I shot this with a 70d because this was planned literally last minute and thankfully it was what I had on me that day.  The ceiling was black with a lot of reflective neon which can be a photographers nightmare if you dont know how to work with these situations.  Its a great example that it is not what equipment you use, but how you use it. Enjoy!




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