shadows wedding photo

La Crosse Wedding Photographer

La Crosse Wedding Shadow Photo
shadows wedding photo

La Crosse Wedding: Shadow Photo

Light and shadow, is what defines images.  To a camera’s eyes there is values of light and the shadows those lights make.  What is the absence of light?  Dark?  No, to a camera this is shadow.  Lets dive deeper into this La Crosse Wedding.

For this photo we were in between the Newman Center Downtown La Crosse, WI waiting to make our way to the reception at the Waterfront.  On our way we took a few shots outside on top of the 3rd street parking lot.  I really appreciate the whole groups willingness to work with the scene as the sun had not really dropped low enough to give us the “golden hour.”  I am also so thankful for how willing the wedding party was to take the time for this picture as it was more than cold outside with chilling winds.  Luckily the Bride was more than ready with a beautiful Fur coat and matching scarves for her beautiful bridesmaids.    We lite up the area with one heck of a La Crosse Wedding party afterwards.  Enjoy.

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