A senior woman in a white dress standing in the water for her photography session.

La Crosse Senior Photography

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In this senior photography session we took a drive around with the greater La Crosse area.  We started our session on apple blossom road in La Crescent and then moved to our way to a family farm.  This session was packed full with high views of country roads, to with low wading in the Mississippi river.  We had an epic sunset when the sun broke through the clouds creating beautiful rays of light bursting through the clouds.  With Grandma watching from the kitchen we worked around the family farm and eventually indoors to use a new light I got.  I loved working with this duo (and I say duo since mom was an important part to our session).  We made our way down to the beach to finalize our session in Pettibone Beach at “Bare ass Beach.”  The senior didnt have any extra curricular activities that she wanted to showcase, but instead we showcased her love for her pup.  Mom had some great ideas for jumping in the water.  You will see our wading in the water shot, as well as some shots from above with both the pup and in the water.

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