A man standing in the middle of a field with lanterns in the sky.

Chinese Lantern Send off Wedding

Here are a few photos of this Chinese Lantern Wedding that I picked out of the mix followed up by a write up that my writter/blogger/assistant Katie and her favs.

“You Go Tie a String Around Us”

Trey + Christy Edgerle



As Christy finished writing a heartfelt letter to Trey in Stoney Creek Inn located in Onalaska, Wisconsin, she cheered triumphantly – one step closer to becoming Mrs. Edgerle! As the leather bound notebook was delivered to the groom, the bride got into her gorgeous beaded wedding gown and handmade veil, with the help of her mother and bridesmaids. The group prayed with the bride, as Trey read the special note from Christy elsewhere at Stoney Creek, and teared up with emotion.

The bridal party carpooled from Stoney Creek to Miller’s Bluff, Wildlife Conservatory, where Trey and Christy would get a first glimpse of each other on the bluff overlook. As Trey stood, overlooking the landscape of La Crosse on the beautiful August day, Christy approached, tapping him on the shoulder. He turned around, gazing upon his soon-to-be wife, and beamed from ear to ear.

After giving the couple some time alone, the wedding party eagerly joined their friends to take advantage of the beautiful, scenic backdrop before heading back to Stoney Creek for the wedding ceremony.


The couple stood underneath an arch built by the groom’s Uncle Dave. Many family members have been married under the same arch, and Dave gave a special reading of the gospel during the ceremony. Two ropes were tied together as one by the couple, representing their unity. It was explained that when pressure is placed on a fisherman’s knot, it does not slip. If anything, the knot gets stronger. The two were told to always keep the knot tied.


Trey and Christy were pronounced husband and wife, and shared their first kiss as a married couple. Before the cocktail hour began, a large ladder was used to climb up and get an aerial photograph of the entire wedding party and guests.

The reception hall in Stoney Creek Inn was set up with nostalgic photos and handmade decorations, made by Christy’s bridesmaids, mother-in-law, and grandmother-in-law. The Grand March took place, the newlyweds taking their seats at their “Sweetheart Table” in the front of the room.

A delicious dinner was served, and speeches from the bridal party commenced. The groom’s best men explained that when they were all on a diving team together, everything was scored – and they were always looking for that perfect score. They scored Trey and Christy’s relationship a “Perfect ten”, while they and a few others in the crowd all held up score signs with “10” on them in the air.

The couple cut their beautiful tiered wedding cake, which was delicately laced with fresh berries. Friends and family enjoyed decadent red velvet cookies half dipped in a smooth white chocolate.

Trey and Christy snuck outside for a few photos, and the bride, who was described by herself and others as a planner, said she couldn’t stop smiling, and that the day had gone better than she had hoped and expected it would. The two went back to the reception, and shared their first dance together as Mr. and Mrs. Edgerle.


Guests and the newlyweds joined together outside for a beautiful lantern send off, illuminating the night sky.


Congratulations Trey and Christy Edgerle!

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