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The Court Above Main: The Perfect Backdrop for a La Crosse Wedding


The hidden story of your love is in the details, and A Court Above Main in La Crosse, Wisconsin, is all about the details. From the giant windows softly spilling light onto your shoes, necklace, and bouquet to the perfect backlit silhouette while your Maid of Honor fastens that last button, this location has become a fast favorite for me to work in. Natural, ambient light is every bride’s best friend on her big day, providing for amazing photos.


My secret to success is getting to know my clients, taking the time to learn all the details of how you fell in love, what makes you laugh at each other AND together – and then using your wedding venue to tell your story. The lighting at A Court Above Main is really unique because the amazing sheer curtains provide softly diffused light, and the nooks and crannies have a bit of a “noir” feel to them.  This means lots of cool looks in one space for your photographs.


Only a few steps along the brick road is downtown La Crosse, which is free-spirited, urban, industrial, and full of texture. With the city as your backdrop, we can do first looks or portraits which will give you so many different looks without having to travel very far.


Back inside and ready to get the party started, the chandelier and chiffon drapes pouring down from tall windows coupled with gorgeously high ceilings will feel (and look) less like a reception hall and more like an old fashioned ballroom. The hardwood floor filled with dancing feet reflects a room lit up by the joy or your family and friends.  It’s a fantastic space to capture that iconic first dance.


A Court Above Main is a location that I love to work in because every wedding photographer finds it hard to resist such amazing ambient light and so many varied and quirky and cool textures. However, I am also mindful of my clients, and I appreciate that the staff at A Court Above Main are professional, efficient and they provide an affordable wedding venue that they are always working on expanding in terms of offerings and décor.


It’s not sexy to say this, but what a Wisconsin bride u0026amp; groom really need on their wedding day, aside from a lot of love and laughter are wedding professionals who care about you having the day you’ve been dreaming of and all your loved ones around you. A Court Above Main will not disappoint you!

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