The Left Bank Annex

The Left Bank Annex

Industrial urban butterfly bones, with the option of modern wings.

Portland, Oregon

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Located near downtown Portland, Oregon is an industrial yet sleek space that is, “an adaptable urban
space for every kind of Portland event”, with quite the interesting past.

Originally built in 1911 as a parking garage for a phone company, the building was later utilized as a
welding and painting shop before it was purchased by entrepreneur Dean Child in 1942, when it was
turned into a machine shop that primarily made parts for WWII airplanes. It was sold in 2005, and at the
end of 2009, renovations were complete on what is now The Leftbank Annex.

The Annex has over 14,000 square feet of available space on two floors, with the ability to use the venue
in its entirety, or rent the lower and upper floors separately. Whether you want a more “moody”
atmosphere for your wedding, or an upscale look – the space is flexible with authentically raw industrial
“bones” that are able to be transformed in any way you’d like.

What’s inside?

The Greatroom

The Greatroom, the main floor area, is a grand open space with soaring ceilings and soaring possibilities
– designed in order to be catered to your needs, with wedding event production in mind. Exposed brick walls,
steel ducts and pipes allure your eyes to study the historic detailing of the room. Sizable white walls,
matte black paint railings and accents, timber wood moldings and steps all add an elegant, modern vibe.
The simple layout offers easy access, generous white wall space for projection, programmable lighting,
and many more desirable features. The beamed ceilings and large windows (complete with city views)
provide plenty of natural lighting as well. The Nest is a small area that’s above the loading dock, perfect
to station your DJ.

The Mezzanine

The Mezzanine sits above the Greatroom, and can serve as a lounge area or ideal spot for receptions or
more intimate events. Connected via the mezzanine is the Greenroom, a large room with a private
shower, deck, courtesy bar, TV, and glass wall looking upon the Greatroom. It’s the superb space for
brides to relax and get ready for their big day!

The Clubroom

The Clubroom, a converted machine shop just below the Greatroom, acts as a fantastic accompaniment
to the Greatroom, adding space that can easily be divided up; or by itself can work well for events with a
larger guest list that hosts still seek to maintain a sense of intimacy with. The Clubroom definitely has a
more urban, vintage-y warehouse look to it, with large cement columns standing tall below the wood-
casted concrete ceilings and exposed piping. Textured flooring and sections of the walls add to the
moody atmosphere. We think this space would be amazing for an engagement party!


This place is like the skeleton of a unique, urban butterfly. You can play up the raw, historic
backdrop, or contrast it with more modern furnishings or décor. Another plus, the Leftbank Annex is
near downtown Portland, where there are a ton of hotel options!

Sadly, it will close shop at the end of 2019 and dates are going fast, so get in contact with
them while you can to book your 2019 wedding – we’d love to capture your special day in this stunning
wedding venue!

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