St Paul Wedding Venues

St Paul Wedding Venues

Comprehensive Guide to St. Paul Wedding Venues

St. Paul, Minnesota, is a charming city with a rich history and an array of beautiful wedding venues. From historic landmarks to modern spaces, St. Paul offers diverse options for couples looking to tie the knot. Here’s a list of notable wedding venues in St. Paul, along with a brief review of each:

1. The Lowertown Event Center

  • Website: The Lowertown Event Center
  • Review: Situated in the heart of Lowertown, The Lowertown Event Center blends historic charm with modern amenities. The venue features exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and large windows, offering a spacious and stylish setting for weddings. The open floor plan allows for flexible seating arrangements and decor. Its central location provides easy access to nearby attractions and accommodations.

2. The Commodore Bar & Restaurant

  • Website: The Commodore Bar & Restaurant
  • Review: The Commodore offers a classic and elegant atmosphere with its vintage decor and intimate dining spaces. Located in a historic building, it provides a unique and charming backdrop for smaller, more intimate weddings. The venue’s upscale ambiance and refined menu make it a great choice for couples looking for a sophisticated and memorable event.

3. The Union Depot

  • Website: The Union Depot
  • Review: The Union Depot is an iconic St. Paul landmark with stunning architecture and grand spaces. The venue offers a range of options, including the historic Waiting Room and the elegant Grand Hall. Its architectural beauty and historical significance provide a dramatic and elegant setting for weddings. The spacious interiors and impressive design elements make it a standout choice for a grand celebration.

4. The Fitzgerald Theater

  • Website: The Fitzgerald Theater
  • Review: Known for its historic charm and cultural significance, The Fitzgerald Theater offers a unique and theatrical setting for weddings. The venue features stunning architecture, ornate details, and a grand stage, perfect for couples looking to add a touch of drama and elegance to their special day. Its rich history and distinctive atmosphere provide a memorable backdrop for any wedding.

5. The Saint Paul Hotel

  • Website: The Saint Paul Hotel
  • Review: The Saint Paul Hotel combines classic elegance with modern luxury. The venue offers a range of event spaces, including the Grand Ballroom and the charming St. Paul Room. Its upscale accommodations, exceptional service, and elegant decor make it a popular choice for couples seeking a sophisticated and refined wedding experience. The hotel’s central location also provides convenience for guests.

6. The James J. Hill Center

  • Website: The James J. Hill Center
  • Review: The James J. Hill Center is a historic venue with a blend of classic and contemporary elements. The space features beautiful architectural details, including a grand rotunda and elegant meeting rooms. Its historical significance and versatile event spaces make it a unique choice for weddings. The venue’s sophisticated atmosphere and central location enhance its appeal.

7. The Wabasha Street Caves

  • Website: The Wabasha Street Caves
  • Review: For a unique and memorable wedding experience, consider The Wabasha Street Caves. This venue offers a distinctive setting with its underground caves and historical ambiance. The caves’ rugged charm and intriguing history create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere for weddings. It’s an excellent choice for couples looking for something unconventional and different.

8. The Schmidt Artist Lofts

  • Website: The Schmidt Artist Lofts
  • Review: The Schmidt Artist Lofts offer a modern and artistic setting with its open floor plans and industrial-chic decor. The venue features versatile event spaces that can be customized to fit a variety of wedding styles. Its creative and contemporary atmosphere provides a unique backdrop for couples seeking a modern and stylish wedding experience.

9. The Landmark Center

  • Website: The Landmark Center
  • Review: The Landmark Center is a historic venue known for its stunning architecture and elegant interiors. The building features ornate details, grand hallways, and beautiful event spaces, including the Courtyard and the Courtroom. Its historical charm and sophisticated atmosphere make it a popular choice for couples looking for a classic and elegant wedding.

10. The Bell Museum

  • Website: The Bell Museum
  • Review: The Bell Museum offers a unique and modern setting with its innovative design and natural history exhibits. The venue features spacious event areas and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Its contemporary architecture and educational exhibits provide a distinctive backdrop for couples seeking a modern and engaging wedding experience.

Each of these venues offers its own unique charm and character, providing a range of options to suit different wedding styles and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to historic elegance, modern sophistication, or unique settings, St. Paul has a venue that can make your wedding day truly special. For more information on each venue, including availability and booking details, visit their respective websites.

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