To Look or not to Look…

A moment together alone, or in the presence of everyone you love? A first look makes the time about the two of you. It is a very intimate setting – an emotionally charged moment that renders some of the sweetest pictures between the two of you. I really believe having this time alone before the ceremony will help to cool your nerves. It also allows for us to get your family formal shots done prior the ceremony, freeing up time for more photos of the two of you after the “I Do’s”. Many couples who have done first looks have expressed feeling less rushed – finding themselves more present and able to enjoy the ceremony. If you choose to do a first look, pick a location that is secluded – preferably without dappled light. Typically, it’s best if you skip the veil during this time. If it’s windy, it could add some drama when picking up in the wind, but more often than not, it can be an unnecessary distraction. I will leave that decision up to you. Ideally arrive separately, and have someone in communication with both parties so you don’t cross paths prior to the first look. Consider having it just the two of you and me, your photographer. While it’s understandable that your wedding party or family members would want to witness this special reveal, it takes away from the intimacy of the moment. Keep your attention on each other, pretend it’s just the two of you. Take your time leading up to the first glimpse! This will give us more opportunity to build anticipation and capture multiple shots. Don’t forget to schedule time after the first look to freshen yourselves up. Always remember the light will change depending on the forecast, time of day, and season.

First Look Schedule

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No First Look Schedule

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