Scheduling your day

The time estimates below reflect what a typical wedding day ends up looking like, based on an 8 hour day. This list alone does not account for transportation times and unexpected delays. Your time table is up to you, as each wedding is unique. Let’s craft your day the way you want it, and focus our time on the things you desire on your special day! Grooms Getting Ready // 30 mins Some grooms like these pictures, some do not. I feel it would keep consistency in the story of the day however I don’t find it completely necessary. Please do whatever you feel best with. Bride’s Getting Ready // 60 mins I like to arrive at the bride’s prep area towards the end of her hair and makeup. This allows us to get the final touches. Please have any meaningful accessories or items present when I arrive so I can take photographs of them. Dress On + Bridal Portraits // 30 mins First Look + Couples Portraits // 30 mins Bridal Party Photos // 30 mins Family Photos // 30 mins This time can vary depending on the size of your family. The more group combinations you have the more time. If you do a first look then you can get a lot of these out of the way before the ceremony. It is important to fill out the shot list prior to your wedding day as this will help me keep you on task to get those meaningful combinations of people. Details, Pre-Ceremony + Bu0026amp;G Chill // 30 mins Ceremony // 30 mins – 1.5 hours These lengths can vary. Please consult with your officiant about the time it will take and allot enough time. Also plan or don’t plan a receiving line. This will take time if you end up planning it. Cocktail Hour // 60 mins Golden Hour Couples Session // 30 mins This is the minimum time we would need to get good photos. Dinner + Speeches // 90 mins Dancing + Party // 60 mins More on wedding Planning
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