Ready to say I Do?

A bride and groom standing in front of a cloudy sky.
Ceremonies can be such a blur. Your anticipation can get the best of you sometimes. Walk slow down the aisle, and advise your wedding parties and family members walking the aisle during the ceremony to take their time as well. Don’t drag it out, but try not to speed walk. It’s always a good idea to practice timing for the walk the night before. Try to time it with a stopwatch and make sure it feels right. I would advise against putting a mic stand in between the two of you, but if you do – move it aside when exchanging rings and check with your officiant to see if it’s possible they can stand off to the side when he or she pronounces the two of you. If you do a receiving line, just remember to keep the receiving line moving. Uncle John will talk your ear off about the awesome pictures he got, Aunt Jane will cackle at her many jokes. Keep them tight. “Okay, well we’re so excited to see you at the reception later and chat some more!” goes a long way. If you don’t do a receiving line, make sure to make an announcement at the end of your ceremony letting guests know. More on wedding Planning
A La Crosse WI wedding photographer captures a bride and groom sharing a kiss in front of their guests.
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