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A bride and groom kiss in front of a cloud at sunset.
First, decide whether you prefer a nature background (trees, water, etc.) or one that is more urban (buildings, streets, sidewalks) and consider what’s most practical based on the location of your wedding. If there is travel between the ceremony and reception, think about what is in close proximity to each place and whether there are sites in those areas that you like. It’s always nice to find locations along the way in order to keep everyone on schedule. If your ceremony and reception are at the same venue site, then we will make the best of that one site – unless you want to move. Whether we’re near a garden area or an urban landscape, we will take a walk to capture some beautiful portraits. If your reception is far from the ceremony site or you have a small time window, I would consider doing portraits earlier in the day. Just understand that the change of light/direction of the sun will impact the photos. Ultimately, every picture is dependent on light. The quality of light that we have to work with on your wedding day is what we get. If at all possible I would love to shoot during the “golden hour” before the sun is setting. I would rather have a short 15 to 20 minute session with you in that golden hour or at the sunsetting time than have hours in broad daylight with bad direction of the Sun. We of course are limited to your schedule, so I completely understand if we have to take photos in the middle of the day. We will put you in the shade and make the rfbest of the opportunities we have. If the day is overcast or partly cloudy then we will have opportunities to take photos at anytime of the day because the clouds will diffuse the light to make it flattering. If it rains, bring an umbrella and let’s go dancing in it! More on wedding Planning
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