Getting Ready

A large space with plenty of natural light works better for photographs. Church basements or spaces with no natural light source tend to have unflattering lighting. I really recommend looking into Airbnb homes. You can find entire homes to rent for the same price you would pay for a hotel room. Plus, this could provide more room for your wedding party to get ready in, and the uniqueness of a home adds character to photos. If you do end up getting a hotel, consider getting a bigger one. An average hotel room is only big enough for one or two people, and things can get chaotic with the wedding party, their dresses/tuxes, food, bags, etc., AND the photographer (and maybe a hairstylist or makeup artist on top of that!) in a room. I would recommend splurging a little if you’re able to, it’s your wedding day! The environment you get ready in will set the mood for the beginning of your special day. Bring plenty of bags to carry your stuff (and recommend to your wedding party to do the same). Normally, people move about from room to room – many times hands become full with random things that could easily be condensed into a duffle bag. Clear the clutter or own it. If for example there’s clutter on the tables near you while you get ready, know that the clutter will be visible in photos. Not necessarily a bad thing, it’s what life really looks like – but if you don’t want to acknowledge that clutter as a part of your day, try to be mindful of your background and keep things tidy. Consider getting ready near a large window. Not only does this give the other artists natural light to work with, it is the most flattering light for photos. Always try to keep your face towards the light source (a window, for example). Rest your hands naturally on a hip or armrest, etc. Don’t forget to smile! With so much going on at once while getting ready, many brides forget to smile. This doesn’t mean always looking at the camera, but make sure you are thinking happy thoughts and you will be sure to smile. A happy bride is always a beautiful bride. In the end, go with the flow. Nothing ever tends to go as planned, but everything will work out! Random tips: -Make a detailed timeline before your wedding day and try to stick to it. -Keep an inventory list of all your belongings! -Bridal gowns need time to settle. Take the dress out of the bag and let it settle. -Pack an emergency kit with mints, advil, and a sewing kit. -Have plenty of food and water for your guys and girls…and make sure you eat! -Bring a electrical power strip. Believe me, you will thank me! -Bring some tunes! A small radio, bluetooth speakers, or something like it to set the atmosphere. More on wedding Planning
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