Formal Shot list

This is a basic guideline for formal photos. It is a starting point. Ideally, I would love it if you share this with your families (specifically moms and grandmas) and have them add any combinations of people that we need to get. The more written up ahead of time the better we can plan for the amount of time it will take and the better I can help this part of the day run more smoothly.

___Bride Alone

___Bride w/ Mother

___Bride w/ father

___Bride w/ Parents

___Bride w/ Maid of Honor

___Bride w/ Bridesmaids

___Bride w/ Grandparents

___Bride w/ Godparents

___Bride w/ Siblings

___Bride w/ Attendants

___Groom Alone

___Groom w/Mother

___Groom w/ Father

___Groom w/ Parents

___Groom w/ Best Man

___Groom w/ Groomsman

___Groom w/ Grandparents

___Groom w/ Godparents

___Groom w/ Siblings

___Groom with Ushers

___Bride and Groom together

___Bride and Groom w/ children

___B+G w/ Flower girl/ring bearer

___B+G w/ Her Grand, parents and sibling

___B+G w/ Her parents, siblings

___B+G w/ Her parents

___B+G w/ His Grand, parents and sibling

___B+G w His parents, siblings

___B+G w/ His parents

___B+G with wedding party

___B+G with wedding party, ushers and Attendants

This formal shotlist will be included in your communication documents with me leading up to the wedding. You can add as many combinations you want. Please understand the more combinations, the more time it will consume.

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