Clank Your Glass and Shake Your Ass.

The time has come. You’ve said your “I do’s” and are ready for the party to begin. That being said, there are a few things to think about when it comes to receptions. First off is speeches. I’ve sat through far too many bad ones. Let’s make sure you have good ones! Let those giving speeches or toasts know to be short and sweet. Nothing is as boring to a crowd as a speech that runs too long. Suggest to those people speaking at the reception to have others read and give feedback on the length of their toast prior to the wedding night. Long speeches can throw your schedule ary. When it’s time for your dances, there are a few things that help me photograph your day. A simple closed position usually works best (Google if you need pictures for reference). That way your arms are not covering each others faces i.e when you place your hands on the back of your partner’s neck. While you are dancing, remember to smile! If you choose to add some spinning into the mix, try not to take too long to spin around. Sometimes people will slowly turn in circles, indirectly placing the worst angle of them towards me with their best backdrop. Be in the moment and focus on each other, but be camera conscious. Try to keep your “open” side faced towards me while dancing. Keep in mind that I am looking for an amazing backdrop – something other than just a wall – so if I am moving about, I may just be adjusting to get great shot with people in the background. Try to mirror my positioning, keeping the unblocked sides of yourselves facing me. Let me know if you are doing a special dance! Gonna break it down with mom? Dad has some sweet moves? Just shoot me a message. Also if it is a surprise to guests, let me know so I can be ready! Finally it really is a privilege to be at your wedding. I don’t want to miss a single beat. For that reason, keep in mind that I (u0026amp; my assistant) will need to eat too, and the sooner I’m (we’re) able to, the better! That way we can be ready to take more pictures. More on wedding Planning
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