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The (very abbreviated) Ultimate Wedding Guide

Pre-Wedding Preparation

  1. Engagement Session:

    • Capture genuine moments before your wedding. It’s a great way to get comfortable with the camera and build rapport with your photographer.
  2. Portrait Planning:

    • Choose between nature or urban backgrounds based on your venue. If the ceremony and reception are at different locations, plan for nearby portrait spots. Schedule portraits during the “golden hour” for the best light. If it rains, embrace it and let’s capture some unique shots!
  3. Wedding Party Photos:

    • Allocate 15-45 minutes for group shots, starting with larger groups and moving to individuals. Minimize location changes to keep things efficient.
  4. Family Portraits:

    • Prepare a shot list in advance with all the desired family combinations. Review with both mothers to ensure nothing is missed. This list helps streamline the photo session, especially if done before the ceremony.
  5. Ceremony & Reception:

    • Outdoor Ceremonies: Consider lighting conditions, shade, and any structures like gazebos. Ensure space around the ceremony area for varied photo angles.
    • Indoor Ceremonies: Check lighting conditions and photography restrictions. If all light is artificial, consider adding additional lights for better photos.
    • Receptions: Focus on background elements like the head table and any visible lighting. Coordinate with the DJ for lighting to avoid unwanted effects on photos.

Day-of Tips

  1. Stay Calm:

    • Start your day with a relaxing breakfast or alone time with your spouse.
  2. Hair & Make-Up:

    • Hire a professional and choose a location with natural light if possible. This helps create flattering photos.
  3. Snacks & Water:

    • Keep snacks and water available throughout the day to maintain energy and avoid being hangry.
  4. Write Your Vows:

    • Prepare and rehearse your vows in advance. This ensures they are heartfelt and memorable.
  5. Unplugged Ceremony:

    • Ask guests to put away phones and cameras during the ceremony to avoid distractions and ensure you get unobstructed photos.
  6. Embrace Rain:

    • If it rains, use it as an opportunity for unique and dramatic photos.
  7. Set Aside Alone Time:

    • Take a few moments alone with your spouse during the day to enjoy each other’s company and appreciate the day.
  8. Enjoy the Moment:

    • Pause occasionally to take in the day and appreciate the experience.

This guide ensures that every aspect of your wedding day is covered, from preparation to execution, allowing you to enjoy every moment while capturing beautiful memories.

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