You've got questions and we are like your personalized google for weddings.

Each shooter tends to hover between 15-20 weddings a year. We want to focus on giving our clients an amazing experience. Our focus is quality. We are in this to foster trust and build relationships. And yeah, free wedding food is a plus.

We like to think we are like fine wine. Thanks for asking.

Our master photographers have 5+ years with the majority of us currently doing business for 13+ years.

Our associate photographers have 2-3+ years of experience.

Currently everywhere it seems. But in reality our homes are based in:

Denver, CO

Minneapolis, MN

Nashville, TN

La Crosse, WI

We shoot thousands of images on a wedding day and cull them down to fit the story. Image delivery will vary from Elopement to 10 hour coverage, you can usually expect around 60-80 images. (technically double that with B&W)

We believe that a color photos is the base for a good image. Converting to black and white will only make it a pop a little more. That means that we focus capturing your best selves in color and we convert and deliver every image in B&W as well for added benefit. 

We quote 6-8 weeks for photos and 6-8 months for video, however we tend to deliver in FAR quicker timelines. Most couples get their photos back in 1-2 weeks and videos in 1-2 months.

As the saying goes, you don’t go to a chef and ask them for the ingredients, so why would you do this to a photographer? All that said, we want to cook up the best tasting meal you had, and because of that, we do not deliver RAW images.

We take 50% down as a retainer to hold the date and 50% 2 weeks (14 days) in advance of the wedding. We can make a payment plan for you to hit the retainer, please inquire as it is a custom request.

We are documenters. That means that we believe that the way you look, how your wedding day is, is an accurate reflection of you. We focus on the core principal of photography: Putting people in good light. We will adjust for temporary things like skin blemishes, bruises, scrapes, and small break outs. If it is not normally there, we want you to look like you would on your best Sunday. If you are self aware of anything, please let us know!

We have a whole thing for you, we will send that over before your engagement session.

If you already put a retainer down and have to move/cancel it, the retainer is legally non-refundable and a new retainer will have to be made to hold the new date. That said, this business is very relational with us. If we can accommodate your request, know that we will with the utmost importance.

Thankfully (knock on wood) that has not happened to date. If it does, we will fill those faces behind the camera with a person that we trust that will produce the same result.

If it rains, we dance! 

Lets be real here. Cameras are electronics, and can only hold up to so much. For engagement sessions, we can reschedule, for weddings, we find creative approaches to documenting how your day really landed and embrace lifes ups and downs.

We encourage our couples to hire a planner, however understand that it is not always feasible. We are here to help you plan. This includes our planning guide, as well as a short, 30 minute planning meeting. This is intended to gather your final thoughts on the timeline and give you feedback on things you would otherwise not think of. 

Travel charges is based on where your location is and what shooter is covering the wedding day. Often we find a good fit for you that does not increase your cost for travel.

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